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A Better Beat: New features and new format makes website much more user friendly

By California Beat October 3, 2008 No Comments Print Share

Today, the California Beat officially launches Version 2.0 of its online home. We introduce an improved website that provides readers with more of the unique content that we provide in a enhanced user-friendly format.

Among the most notable changes:

  • A complete restructuring of the pages on the website. We’ve tweaked some of our existing pages, eliminated a few and added new ones to feature more content for our visitors.
  • A renovated Featured Places page has been expanded with more stories that showcases some of our best reporting and special stories. The story archives section that lists the complete archive of the California Beat has been moved to a new “Our Stories” page.
  • There is now a new Multimedia page where you will find some of our best photography work and multimedia presentations which will enhance our storytelling abilities.
  • The new Opinion page replaces our Contribute page. You will find a compilation of Editorials and Roy Morlidge’s Road Thoughts column, and guest commentaries that you can submit to us.
  • New features on our sidebar menu give our visitors more of our top stories and content from the Beat website. The Flickr photo montage has been moved inside the multimedia page for space considerations.
  • The new Share This! button on the right-hand side of every page allows visitors to post the story on dozens of social networking websites including Facebook.com and Digg.com.
  • More content right at your fingertips. The additional of new webpages featuring more information means there is more California Beat content readily accessible to you.
  • To make best use of our web space, we have consolidated the “Contact Us” and “Advertise” pages into the “About Us” section. There, you’ll find important information about getting in touch with staff members and placing ads on the Beat website. We’ve also eliminated our Marketplace option to focus more on providing more unique content.

And as we grow, we’ll be adding more features to better serve you, our readers, including video content, e-mail subscriptions and more! We invite your suggestions too! Post them in the comments section below or e-mail us with them.

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