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Bail hearing scheduled for former BART Officer Mehserle

By Beat News Service November 15, 2010 No Comments Print Share

Johannes Mehserle, the former BART Police officer sentenced to two years in state prison for the shooting death of Oscar Grant in 2009, will return to Los Angeles County Superior Court on December 3 for a bail hearing, according to the Court.

Mehserle’s defense has requested that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry allow Mehserle to be released on bail pending an appeal of his involuntary manslaughter conviction. If Perry grants the motion, Mehserle could be released from custody after posting bond.

The former officer was sentenced by Perry to a two year term in a state prison on Nov. 5 but was granted 292 days of time served credit which would allow Mehserle to be released after serving 7 months. Perry threw out a gun enhancement charge that the jury added to the verdict. Perry said he believed the shooting was accidental, and that racial bias did not motivate the officer to shoot and kill Grant.

Mehserle is white, Grant was black.

The decision angered Grant’s family who said the two year sentence, the minimum term Mehserle faced for the crime, was too lenient for the offense.

They oppose the request to allow Mehserle to post bail and be released from custody.

Mehserle, 28, is being held at the Downtown Los Angeles County Men’s Jail. The Dec. 3 hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in Dept. 104, according to the Court.

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