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TALK BACK: It’s official: no toys in unhealthy San Francisco kid’s meals

By California Beat November 23, 2010 3 Comments Print Share

It’s more San Francisco-bashing fodder for Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly to bring up: the Board of Supervisors overrode a veto from Mayor Gavin Newsom by an 8-3 vote Tuesday, turning controversial legislation that bans toys from being included in unhealthy fast food meals into a city law.

San Francisco joins Santa Clara County in implementing strict rules about the types of meals that can come with a toy. Only fast food restaurants serving kid’s meals with fewer calories, lower sodium and includes a fruit or vegetable entree can dish up a toy a la carte.

The restaurant industry and Newsom opposed the legislation, saying that it goes too far in dictating what private enterprises should do within city limits. The legislation’s sponsor, Supervisor Eric Mar, said it’s about battling alarming rates of childhood obesity.

Is this sound government policy? Or is this another case of San Francisco reaching too far and becoming what critics argue is a nanny state?

Chime in below. This has been a popular topic in the past. We’re sure it’s going to be one again.


  • Jackson said:

    I think this measure goes too far. I’m supportive of the debate that springs from this, a crucial issue no doubt, but telling businesses what they can and can’t do (wasn’t not having a Target all this time bad enough people?) is, rather Nanny State-ish.

  • Kristoffer said:

    I’m for this measure. This really can start a trend in America and hopefully raise peoples awareness enough to do some research on the subject. In a day and age where children are becoming obese and diabetic, I really don’t see why citizens, other than the fast food industry, would be opposed on this measure.

    The fast food, and every other industry, will always be against anything like this; it’s completely intruding in their profits, and that obviously all they care about. The food industry saying it’s going too far means we’re heading in the right direction. These places are shortening the national life expectancy, that’s not justifiable.

  • Jonny said:

    In response to Kristoffer, in this day and age where children are becoming obese and diabetic, why aren’t the PARENTS stepping in and doing something about it? Why point the finger at a fast food chain that THE PARENTS are bringing their own children to to get buttered up? If you want a culprit, it’s mommy and daddy for:

    1) not providing proper nutrition for their own damn offspring, whether that means cooking or taking them out to eat healthier food options
    2) not keeping an eye on their child’s weight
    3) not maintaining a watch on their children’s outdoor activity time (if any)

    People are so quick to blame McDonald’s but nobody is forcing you to go eat there. I would understand if this kind of slop was served in the school and they gave you toys but give me a freakin’ break. The line needs to be re-drawn.