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TALK BACK: Did we go overboard with the Royal Wedding?

Courtesy Buckingham Palace

Despite the proliferation of camera-phones, the immediate uploads of TwitPics, and Facebook status updates, rarely is the public invited into celebrity weddings the way we were to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s ceremony.

With excruciating close-ups of the royal couple, networks and nearly all of the major celebrity websites provided a continuous stream of Royal Wedding related coverage. If you woke up early — 3 a.m. on the West Coast to catch the event as it happened — you were probably mesmerized by the pomp and circumstance of the event. If you didn’t bother to tune in, you’re probably wondering the same thing we are: have we gone overboard with the wedding?

Yesterday, President Obama toured the hard-hit state of Alabama where the death toll from a week of non-stop tornadoes rose to over 250. In Oakland, Mayor Jean Quan revealed that if the city’s coffers continued to dry up, she would need to reduce the city’s already overworked city police force to 600 officers. At the pump, gas prices in California rose to their highest level since 2008 to an average of $4.24 a gallon for regular.

Did the royal wedding get the attention it deserve? Or was it too much in light of everything else we should have been paying attention to?

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