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TALK BACK: Shark fin soup, a clash of cultures?

A proposed ban on serving “shark fin soup,” long considered a delicacy in many Asian countries, is making its way through the California state capitol, but it is proving to be a difficult sell for some cultures who call the ban an assault on their culture.

The delicacy is a delicate balancing act between environmentalists view the fishing methods used to capture the shark fins as inhumane and communities who view the shark fins as important to cultural heritage.

Or should there be a balancing act at all for this issue? Is this a clash of cultures, or should the ban move ahead? Sound off below.


  • Bob Brigham said:

    Leland Yee specializes in political cheapness. Not cheap (like his South Van Ness hookers), but cheapness.

    It’s sad that California Beat is even presenting this as a discussion, giving Yee cover by validating both sides, like it’s just some he-said/she-said disagreement. You’re not encouraging understanding of the issue, only encouraging more racial pandering by an expert in political cheapness.

  • Russ Hansen said:

    This is all about doing the right thing! With current human populations, we can’t continue to decimate our oceans as if we are all that matters.