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President Obama urges supporters “forward” at Redwood City fundraiser

By Steven Luo May 23, 2012 One Comment Print Share

President Obama speaks before an audience at a fundraiser at Redwood City's Fox Theatre Wednesday night. (Vanessa Guerra / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

(5/24) — 02:30 PDT — REDWOOD CITY — In the midst of a 16-hour Bay Area visit expected to net millions for his reelection campaign, President Obama looked to energize supporters and draw contrasts with his opponent in a speech before more than a thousand paying supporters at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City Wednesday night.

“On issue after issue, [the Republicans] want to go backwards,” Obama said, saying that he was instead “moving forward to a country where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.”

The President defended his economic record, saying that the economy has “created more than 4 million jobs in the last 26 months” and touting his bailout of the American auto industry — opposed at the time by his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney — as a success.

The economic growth during the Bush presidency was a “flimsy kind of success,” and when the financial crisis hit, “it was tough,” Obama said. “But it turns out, the American people are tougher,” he added.

Obama blasted Romney as misguided and out of touch with the middle class. Romney “has drawn the wrong lessons” from his time in the private sector, Obama told the crowd. “A healthy economy doesn’t just mean maximizing the profits of some,” Obama said, criticizing Romney’s proposed tax cuts for the wealthy.

Obama: move “forward,” not “backwards”

Obama painted Romney’s economic plans as a backwards step — a theme he returned to again and again during his 32-minute speech. “Why is [Romney] peddling the same bad ideas that brought us to the brink of collapse?” Obama asked.

“We don’t expect the government to solve all our problems,” Obama said, but insisted that government has a role to play. The Golden Gate Bridge, the moon landings, and the Internet could all be “traced back to investments we made together,” Obama said, painting his priorities — such as making higher education more affordable, improving K-12 science and math education, and investing in green energy technologies — as investments in “the right vision of the future.”

Obama also accused Romney of wanting to go backwards on social issues. “We don’t want to go backwards” on health care reform, contraception, or abortion, Obama said. Nor should we “go back to the days when someone could be kicked out of the US military for who they love,” Obama said, referring to the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy — and drawing cheers and applause from the audience.

Obama urged his supporters to show the same enthusiasm for his campaign as they did in 2008. “We’re going to finish what we started,” he told the crowd.

Supporters, protesters mix outside as donors cheer Obama

Protesters urging the President to remove US troops from Southeast Asia await his arrival in Redwood City May 23, 2012. (CALIFORNIA BEAT PHOTO)

Hundreds of supporters and dozens of protesters crowded the streets in front of the Fox Theatre Wednesday evening awaiting Obama’s arrival.

The protesters, as usual, varied widely — from Tea Party backers opposed to Obama’s economic policies to liberals urging cuts in the defense budget and the withdrawal of US troops from the Philippines.

Obama opponents attempted to start a chant before Obama arrived at the theater around 9:10 p.m., but were quickly drowned out by supporters chanting “four more years!”

Inside, though, a boisterous crowd of donors — who paid anywhere from $250 for a seat near the back to upwards of $10,000 for handshakes and group photos with the President — lapped up Obama’s speech.

Obama’s remarks were repeatedly interrupted by applause and callouts from audience members — though the callouts were not always on message. A list of high-tech centers in swing states was cut off by a man in the audience shouting “we don’t care about those places!”

“It is so exciting” that the President came to Redwood City, said Jane Taylor of Redwood City, who paid for tickets to the event. She brought her children, aged 9 and 11, to the event, which they would “remember for the rest of their lives,” she told the Beat.

Taylor, who was wearing a pin in support of a parcel tax measure to fund Redwood City schools, said she was “encouraged” by Obama’s mentioning of education as a priority.

“I think it’s an honor that he’s coming to Redwood City,” agreed Rosemary Arroyo, who staked out a spot behind police barricades three hours before the Presidential motorcade’s expected arrival. “Since it’s so close to our house we can just pop out here with everyone else.”

Others weren’t nearly as impressed by the fundraiser. “[Obama] goes and gets money from the elites. He doesn’t speak to the peons out here,” said Georgine Scott of Gilroy, who came with the Gilroy/Morgan Hill Patriots to protest outside the event.

“It takes away from the whole American dream where you work hard and you would get a chance to succeed,” Scott said of Obama’s policies. “What’s the point?” she wondered, saying “the government is going to take [more] away.”

“They’re taxing the middle class too much,” said a Redwood City resident who did not want to be named but carried a sign with the phrase “tax reform” written on it. “It’s not too far to come out here and show this to the president.”

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    First of all I would like to offer a few thoughts about hurricane Irene. Then I will talk politics intermixed with a few other ideas that may interest you. The fact that hurricane Irene fizzled out as it traveled North and then dropped from a hurricane into a tropical storm before it hit land is proof that there is something strange going on in the Gulf waters and the water stream that travels from the Gulf and goes all the way up the Eastern part of the Atlantic along side Eastern America. This gigantic hurricane Irene deteriorated as it traveled along the path of the Gulf stream. The dispersant that BP Oil used is causing problems in nature. If the dispersant can weaken a hurricane’s ability to evaporate water, then the dispersant can cause the droughts that are happening in Texas and elsewhere in the Southeast.
    When a hurricane the size of Irene enters this part of the world from the mid Atlantic it should pick up strength as it travels along it’s way until it hits much cooler waters. Once hurricane Irene entered the Gulf stream it was big but it couldn’t get any stronger. As it traveled up North it’s size should have increased it’s strength but something was preventing it from getting stronger. As hurricane Irene moved North it was still in warm waters so it should have picked up strength but as it traveled up North it turned into a tropical storm. To all of you scientist out there I ask why? The dispersant that BP Oil used is the only answer as to why this unusual situation happened.
    We have to find out if BP oil is still using dispersant in the Gulf and if they are then we must get them to stop it immediately. We must also never again allow anyone anywhere to use a dispersant to combat an oil spill anywhere ever again!
    If you will look at the way hurricanes are forming in the Atlantic this year you will notice that they are unusual in their formations. The hurricanes seem to try to form and then start to break apart slightly. The hurricanes can’t continuously grow stronger. The center of the hurricane, the eye, seems to have a hard time forming into a solid eye and is constantly trying to get bigger and then getting weaker. It is different than how hurricanes formed before. Look at the way hurricane Katia is trying to form and then appears to break apart.
    Why the so called experts aren’t observing this is beyond me. As much as I said earlier that we wouldn’t have any hurricanes this year in this part of the world and was wrong I still say that we will not have any hurricanes in the Gulf this year. Also all the hurricanes we will have traveling in this part of the world will not be stronger than a category 2 hurricane. As these weak hurricanes get near land and into the Gulf water stream they will become a category one hurricane or more probably a tropical storm.
    It is now Sept.1 and the Gulf storms still can form properly. They don’t grow but only get a little bigger and then fall apart. The hurricanes are doing the same. This year because of the planets all lining up should of been a year of many strong storms. Look at the storms and typhoons that are forming in the Pacific around Japan and surrounding areas. They are big! The storms in our part of the world are small.

    Sept.2. Thankfully we are seeing a major storm forming in the Gulf. It shows that Mother Nature is starting to recover from the BP oil spill disaster and the dispersant that BP oil used to fight off the oil spill. That is good news! Perhaps by next year Mother Nature in this part of the world will be back to normal conditions. But that means that we will be in for some major storms next year because 2012 is the year all the planets line up together. That will put extreme pulling pressures on the Earth in many ways which means our magnetic field will be creating some big storms.

    However something out of the ordinary still seems to be happening around the Gulf coast of Texas. I wonder if the oil and dispersant of the BP Oil spill has settled into that part of the Gulf. Hopefully all the needed rain water that will fall into the Gulf from this present storm will delude the oil and dispersant.

    Now onto politics. With the election coming up there is a lot of talk from the Republicans about easing regulations to help spur the economy. However the BP Oil spill is the perfect example on how bad the Republicans are for our country.

    The BP Oil spill was caused by the lack of proper regulations. The way BP Oil conducted their business activity before the oil spill was wrong and led up to the oil spill that they created. The way that the oil industry operates their business and designs their equipment was wrong. President Obama is trying to right these wrongs so that oil spills won’t happen again with regulations that will protect the public.

    However the Republicans are trying to undo these regulations that are protecting the public. The Republicans say if they completely control our government they will stimulate the economy by getting rid of as many regulations that they can. Getting rid of something that protects yourself just to get a job doesn’t make sense. But that is how the Republican party of today thinks. Is that the kind of people you want protecting your life?! Is that the kind of people you want running your government?!
    Now onto the economy. If America wants to improve their economy then they are going to have to start doing things that will improve their economy. It’s not good enough to just want something, you must do things that will give you the ability to get what you want!
    Americans must realize that buying a house and an automobile is the two most expensive things that they buy. Americans must do all they can to insure that these two things fuel our economy as much as they can so that we have a strong economy.
    We have to build up our automobile industry by buying Ford and General Motors automobiles. When buying Ford and General Motors cars we insure that the money spent on those cars will mostly stay in America. Most of workers who design, build and assemble those cars will be American workers. But most important of all the most of the profits will stay in America so that Ford and General Motors can help fuel America’s economy more.
    Besides Ford and General Motors automobiles are just as good or better than foreign automobiles so make your automobile investment in America’s economy not a foreign economy! When you buy a Japanese, Korean or European automobile you are adding to our foreign trade deficit. The Japanese, Koreans and the Europeans never have and never will buy our cars so why should we buy theirs! Be patriotic, support your country not theirs!
    Now I have noticed that a lot of the foreign car owners are young people and women. These two groups of people have to get on board to rebuilding our economy. Their jobs and economic opportunities depend on a strong America too so stop destroying America’s economy by buying foreign automobiles.
    Now onto the housing market problem our country is experiencing. Most of the economic growth that happened during former President Bush jr. time in office was based on RepubliCONS economic con games. The derivative con game and the housing boom con game are two RepubliCON economic con games that destroyed our economy. Of course the the Republicans are masters at economic con games. The RepubliCONS started conning America years ago with their ReaCONomic economic plan and are still at it today with their Tea Party eCONomic plan to stimulate our economy with tax cuts for the rich and less regulations.
    So to help solve one of the problems that these ridiculous eCONomic con games has caused our country to have I suggest that we make it a law that anyone who has their home foreclosed on can walk away from that home and not have that forecloser in any way effect their credit rating. This way that person can go right out and buy another home so that the economy can still move forward.
    We will also make it easier for people who can afford to maintain a mortgage to get a mortgage loan. We will lower the down payment amount on a new mortgage and do all we can to get more people into the home mortgage market. But most of all we have to insure that the housing cost never go up to the ridiculous amounts that they went up during the Bush housing market con games by limiting this new housing plan to only apply to one housing deal like this per family only and not to the investors. Also this deal will only apply to houses that cost less than $500.000. We may also have to initiate price controls in the housing market to insure that the housing market doesn’t get costly ever again!
    These actions will help alleviate many of the problems that was caused in the housing market by greedy bankers who had no regard for economic sensibilities and put profits before the good of the country.
    Back to the environment. It is Sept.6,2011 and hurricane Katia is falling apart as it heads West toward America’s East coast. That shows that the dispersant that BP Oil used in their effort to fight their oil spill is still wrecking havoc on our environment. Hurricanes are gaining strength in the middle of the Atlantic but weaken as they get closer to America’s East coast. That is totally abnormal!
    Another thing that is abnormal is the way no cloud formations are created in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Texas and Northeastern Mexico as well as the land area in those areas. The dispersant that BP OIL used to fight their oil spill obviously has settled into that area and doesn’t seem to be lessening much in it’s damage to the environment. That means that the problems of the drought for Texas and that surrounding areas will be here for another year or more!
    If you Texans can’t get your oil worshiping Governor Perry to stand up for you and sue BP Oil for the damage that BP oil caused you from the drought that BP Oil caused then you should sue BP Oil yourselves. Your problems in Texas are only going to get worse because as this drought continues there will be more fires, more homes and property lost, more crop lost and more water problems.
    Also why anyone would buy BP gas after that company harmed our country in so many ways is beyond me! It’s like rewarding the person who greatly brought much harm to your life! BOYCOTT BP GAS!!!
    About a decade ago there was a major oil spill off the East coast of Mexico. Massive amounts of oil spilled into the Gulf of Mexico yet the oil spill didn’t prevent any storms or hurricanes from forming in the Gulf. So it has to be the dispersant that is causing a major problem to our environment. Is ANYONE out there making sure that BP Oil isn’t still using this dispersant today in the Gulf to combat their oil spill! Is ANYONE seeing to it that dispersant is never used again! As your Congressman or President I will guarantee I will find the answers to these very important questions as well as many other questions that are very important to all of you!
    I would like to shift subjects here and offer some advice to all of you facing flooding problems and fire wildfire problems.
    First some tips to help all of you facing flooding problems. Years ago I faced a flooding problem in I believe it was 1993 when the No Name storm flooded Pasco County in Florida. Luckily for me my neighbor actually saw the several feet high wave of water coming up the street from the Gulf of Mexico and was able to pound on my door and warn me about the disaster. Looking out the window after hearing the pounding I realized I had a problem that needed some quick thinking to find solutions to the flooding outside my door. I immediately stuff towels under my doors to slow up the water coming into my apartment. I then raised up off the ground as many things as I could so that there would be less damage to my belongings. As the water slowly entered my apartment I was at least able to save many of my belongings by raising them higher then the water level.
    So all of you who are facing flooding problems must do all you can to prevent as much harm as you can from the flooding. There are ways to prevent damage to your household goods as well as ways to lessen damage to your dwellings.
    First I’ll offer advice to save the goods in your dwellings. First try to figure out how high the water will be that will enter your dwelling. Figure out where your dwelling is. If it is in a very low lying area and will be greatly flooded then you are probably better off packing up all of your belongings into a big truck and parking it on very high ground until the treat of flooding is over.
    For all of you who only expect to have only several feet of flood water entering your dwellings I suggest that you put all of your belongs in a sealed triple thick plastic bags and raise them off the floor in your dwellings. Put tables and chairs on top of dressers and then safely put your belongs on top of the table and chairs. Put as many belongings as you can in your attic or upper floors if you have one. But DON”T over weight your attic. You don’t want to cause more problems from attic or ceiling problems caused by this action. Get cement blocks and two by fours and build high platforms in your dwellings to put your furniture, fridge and belongs on so that the flood water doesn’t reach them. You can even roll up your carpeting and put it up out of harms way. Take all of your vehicles and move them to high ground. If you are going to ride out the flooding at home with your vehicle then park your vehicle on a high pile of sand bags. And get a life preserver for yourself. Perhaps you may also need a boat, a whistle and a lot of prayers.
    Now to protect you dwelling you should do all you can to prevent water from coming into your dwelling. Duct tape around all of your doors and windows. Take large plastic sheets or your shower curtain and nail it around your doors in a way that will prevent water from coming into the dwelling through the door way. Put cement blocks or large rocks on the plastic sheets to hold it in place if you have to. Wrap a large sheet of plastic around your house and attach it with nails and strips of wood. If the flood level is only a few feet this will save your dwelling from damage somewhat without hurting the framework of the dwelling. Inside the dwelling stuff tin foil tightly into the spaces between the doors and the door frames. Then duct tape them also on the inside. Do this to the windows too. However use a ladder inside and outside to use to get to your highest window to get out of the dwelling once you are done inside doing all this duct taping.
    Now onto wildfires. It is about time that we have FEMA buy and maintain equipment that will help put out wildfires and save homes from burning down from wildfires nationwide. We can have the housing insurance industry taxed to help pay for this equipment. I already tried to get the Government and the housing insurance industry to get this equipment to no avail so it is up to you the people to force them to get the equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that future wildfires wouldn’t be harming your dwellings!
    The first piece of Equipment needed is fireproof tents that can be lowered onto your dwellings from a helicopter or delivered by truck and unrolled over your dwelling in case of fire.
    Then we have to make fire stopping lines in wild fire zones. We can easily do this by burning all open fields of grass in the line of fire. Once most of the field is burned that is on the approaching end of the wild fire take a helicopter and fly slowly over the field dragging on the ground a fire proof cloth that will suffocate the fire thus putting out the fire.
    However we will probably be landing on the Moon again before this gets done so to protect your dwelling from forest fires so till then do the following things. Put a layer of dirt on top of your roof and hose it down with water if possible. If you can use metal screening used on windows to hold the dirt in place. Wet mud the sides of your dwelling too again using metal screening if possible. Nail sheets of tin foil onto the side of the house that is facing the oncoming wildfire. Put up anything made of metal on the side of your house facing the oncoming fire. Get rid of all the trees and brush around your dwelling. Put dirt or sand on top of your lawn surrounding your dwelling.
    But most of all save as many belongs in your dwelling as you can when you hear that a wildfire is approaching your dwelling. Have a plan to quickly pack up as much of your belongings as you can and move them and yourselves to safety.
    All of you in the rural parts of Texas better prepare to save your homes and belongs because your State will not be getting much rain at all this year, next year and most likely the year after. The wildfires of today will continue on for a long time. So Texans and others in the surrounding areas prepare for a fire that may burn your dwellings tomorrow.
    Now onto politics. Today is 9/11. Ten years ago today a disaster struck our country that destroyed our country. Not only was many lives and property lost on that day from those four hijacked airplanes, we lost our nation as well. What we have done since that day has driven us broke. That was the intent of Osama Bin Laden. He won the war because he eventually drove our country broke.
    We went into Afghanistan, lost two thousand more lives and are still there today with no winning strategy in sight. The only winning strategy there is to let the Afghan people run their own lives and give them an opportunity to economically better themselves on their own no matter what. If they don’t, too bad, goodbye! We spent enough money and lives babysitting a nation that is driving us broke and causing us way too much misery. There is no way we can continue taking care of a nation that won’t take care of themselves.
    Then after invading Afghanistan to capture Osama Bin Laden we discover nine years later that he is holed up in Pakistan protected by some in the Pakistan Government who get upset when we finally get Bin Laden! On top of it all we give financial aid to Pakistan too. What a crazy world it is over there! Why are we wasting our tax money and most important our military lives trying to help people who don’t help us!
    Then we also invaded Iraq. For what? As much as President Bush and Vice President Chaney try to come up with excuses for the invasion nothing justifies the lost of lives and money that that war has cost us. And considering the revolutions that are now sweeping the Middle East Saddam would of been toppled anyway by his own people without our help.
    But another sad thing about 9/11 is that the reason that 9/11 happened is still with us today. The reason that 9/11 happen was the way we allowed Israel to still keep to this day the land that they took from the Palestinians in the war that Israel had with the Arabs in 1968 and 1972.
    Those wars back then between the Arabs and Israel is the main reason that the Arabs are to this day still mad at us Americans. Us Americans have financed and armed Israel throughout it’s years of existence. Us Americans even gave Israel military logistical support during those wars so that they could defeat the Arabs. We even gave military logistical support to Israel by pointing out the plane that President Anwar Sadat’s brother was flying thus giving Israel the opportunity to shoot down that plane which is what they did!
    Without our American help Israel never would have been able to win those wars. Without America’s help Israel never would have been able to continue to occupy the Palestinian lands.
    Before President Clinton left office the Palestinians were very close to reaching a peace deal finally. However the deal collapsed because Israel won’t allow the Palestinians refugees to return home. President Clinton foolishly didn’t force Israel to allow these Palestinian refugees to come home.
    We Americans and the rest of the world could go into the Middle East and create the State of Palestine thus bringing peace to the Middle East. But we never have. That is why the Arab world and Osama Bin Laden are so mad at us in America and the rest of the world. That is why the Arabs raised the price of oil in 1973 and President Bush’s action as President from the first day in office is the reason why Osama Bin Laden launched 9/11.
    When President Bush jr. took office the Israelis and Arab conflict was at a stage that there was only rock throwing by the Arabs at Israelis soldiers and Israelis shooting back with rubber bullets aimed at the Palestinians legs. President Bush allowed it to turn into an all out war between both sides.
    As the war escalated the Israelis were killing the Palestinians in mass and that made Osama Bin Laden so mad that he decided to attack America with a plan we now call 9/11.
    President George Bush jr. caused 9/11 to happen and all of us Americans are causing something like 9/11 to happen again and again by not forcing Israel to give back the land that they took from the Palestinians and creating the State of Palestine!
    The choice is yours America! If you don’t want any more 9/11′s then create the State of Palestine once and for all. If you want lower gas prices then create the State of Palestine NOW!!!!!
    It is now Sept. 27th 2011. About 43 years ago an event happened that changed the world. In 1968 the Israeli Arab war happened and all of us on earth to this day are suffering the consequences of that war. In that war Israel invaded a lot of land occupied by the Arabs and to this day still occupy that land.
    To this day Israel foolishly sets up more settlements on captured Arab land and thumbs it’s nose at the world as it continues to stand in the way for peace in land that should be Palestine. To this day the world refuses to intervene and stop Israel for making life miserable for everyone on Earth by having to pay more for oil and living in fear of another 9/11 and going broke trying to protect ourselves from another 9/11. To this day ALL of us in the world can’t even get a State of Palestine created. Our Presidents and our Congress can’t, the United Nation’s can’t, NATO can’t and Israel won’t create a State of Palestine.
    President Obama continues to cop out of his responsibilities as he tells the world that it’s up to the Israelis and the Palestinians to settle their own disputes. That’s like asking a bully to settle the disputes that the bully has with those that he bullies by himself. Bullies rarely stop bulling until they are forced to.
    Then if we foolishly elect a Republican president in the next election we are faced with many more years of this Israeli and Arab war because ALL of the Republicans feverishly support Israel in it’s continue occupation of the lands of the Arabs.
    And now we are faced with this Israeli and Arab war getting much worse. We are on the verge of an all out war in the Middle East between the Arabs and the people of Israel. When the freedom fighters in Libya overpowered Qaddafi’s compound in Tripoli they were able to get their hands on a lot of very destructive weapons. More than likely eventually some of these weapons could end up in the hands of the freedom fighters in Gaza and the West Bank. If they do this war could get a whole lot worse. It could lead into another war between the Arabs and Israel.
    It’s time for this madness to stop!!! It has been going on for much too long. We ALL have to do something to get a State of Palestine created. Here is the plan to get the State of Palestine created.
    First we are going to make Israel and All of the Jews of the world want to create peace by creating the state of Palestine. We are going to do this by boycotting ALL Jewish owned businesses, Jewish doctors, Jewish dentists, Jewish lawyers, Jewish accountants and all other Jewish professionals. Also we are going to stop doing business with ALL Jewish landlords. This action will make the Jews want to immediately want to make peace with the Palestinians.
    Then we must get the oil producing countries to join in this effort of creating peace in the Middle East. We are asking All of the oil producing nations to agree to lower the price of oil at the gas pump by about a dollar a gallon if the world helps force Israel create the State of Palestine. This action would encourage everybody in the world to join in the effort to get a State of Palestine created.
    I would like to change subjects now and talk about the Wall Street protest that is going on now. It is now Sept. 30 2011 and the revolution against the rich is beginning finally. The rich have been screwing America for as long as we can remember. The rich have even enlisted a political party, namely the Republican Party, in helping the rich screw America. The rich and the Republican Party of today don’t really care about America. The rich and the Republican Party of today only care about themselves and how to enrich themselves even if it destroys America as they enrich themselves.
    Now that the revolution against the rich has started let me give you some ideas on how to LEGALLY make this revolution successful. If any of this advice is illegal then disregard it. If you want to shut down Wall street you must LEGALLY tie up car and pedestrian Wall Street traffic.
    To LEGALLY tie up car traffic you must get thousands of cars very slowly circling around ALL of the streets around Wall Street. Maybe bumper bumps accidents can help slow things up as well as the time consuming ordeal of exchanging needed accident information. Also car breakdowns would tie up traffic too. One can always miraculously get there car running again before the tow truck or police arrive. Flat tires and the need to replace the tire surely will slow up traffic. Pedestrians talking to people in cars will slow up traffic. Asking for directions is another way to slow up traffic. Having partying open back pickup trucks is a way to slow up traffic with there slow to go ways after getting partying pedestrians away from the truck after each stop. VERY light bumper nudges that WON”T hurt against willing pedestrians would tie up traffic as both parties discuss at length the accident that hurt no one. Pedestrians very very slowly crossing streets at pedestrian crosswalks will slow up traffic. Having blind people with canes slowing up traffic at pedestrians crosswalks would help tie up traffic.
    Then to tie up pedestrian traffic have thousands of people fill ALL the sidewalks around Wall Street walking very very slowly. Have couples walk very slowly arm in arm staggered so that it is very hard to get around them. Have gangster type kids and bums and everyone everywhere LEGALLY harassing Wall Street types about everything they do. Tie up the trains and buses and stations going into and out of Wall Street with pedestrians and riders so that no one can get in or out of Wall Street.
    Tie up ALL telephone lines to Wall Street stock exchange companies with many questions about anything that one can ask the stock company. Go into their offices and buildings to tie up their elevators and offices as you try to get your questions answered. Tie up their elevators in any way you LEGALLY can as you use bathrooms and office visits to different places within the building. I remember someone pressing the button of every floor on a elevator once when I had to use an elevator to go to a floor in a building. It sure took a long time to get to my floor. Also this person talked for a long while to a person at each floor for a long while discussing if this was the right floor or not as he held up the elevator. Longest elevator ride I ever had.
    We should use these tactics to tie up The Wall Street Stock Exchange buildings and all of the Wall Street stock brokers offices. Plus use these tactics to enclose the residencies of those that have caused this financial mess to happen. Give them hell at the office and at home. If they can’t get to work or to their homes then their lives will be as miserable as they have made ours! It’s payback time!
    Also we have to go and legally shut down another organization that has ruined our lives. That organization is the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The rich use Wall Street and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as gambling pits to enrich themselves. Both of these organizations drive up the cost of living for all of us.
    When a company sells stocks in it’s company that means that us consumers must pay a profit not only to the company every year we must also pay a profit to the shareholders every year. When the Chicago Mercantile Exchange sells futures in any commodity that means someone has to be payed some profit money just for putting up the money up front to pay for a commodity. This commodity gambling market place is an add on cost to almost everything that we buy. The price of food, oil, minerals and other things would be much lower if we didn’t have the commodity market. We could design another way to get money to those that need money to do business. The commodity market is just a middle man that drives up the cost of everything that we buy. We can cut out the middle man and still be able to do business. We just have to figure out a new way of doing business. Maybe set up a Federal Commodity Bank that businesses can use to borrow money from to pay for products before they get monetary returns from products they make. This action would lower the cost of living for ALL of us!
    Of course with the Republicans in control of any branch of government we’ll NEVER get the reforms that are needed that will make our economy fairer and better. The Republicans protect the rich and protect the schemes that make the rich richer.
    That is why we also have to legally shut down Congress and the Republican Convention in Tampa this summer. Folks it is not enough to shout at those that do you wrong. You have to make them initiate laws and rules so that they can’t harm you anymore! We have to do something drastic to get the attention of those that do us wrong. Protest alone won’t do anything. We have to shut them down, the ones that harm us. We have to elect people to public office that will help us so that we won’t have to deal with those that do us wrong.
    Everyone that doesn’t support the Republican Party and it’s policies has to register to vote AND VOTE this election because every Republican in the country will be voting this election. If the Republicans win the House, Senate and the Presidency all of your lives will become more miserable. As much as you not agree with some of the things President Obama has done since he became President you will see America go deeper into a recession because the Republicans will make the Bush tax cuts permanent which will drive up the deficit which will lead Republicans to cut someone’s benefits which will create less buying power while increasing someone’s poverty which will increase the recession which means less jobs which means less tax revenue for the government which means higher deficits which means more government cuts etc etc etc.
    Also if the Republicans win the House, Senate and Presidency they will use their dictatorial ways to outlaw abortions. Within a month of taking over the government they will have pass laws that they hope will forever outlaw abortions. With their conservative hold on the Supreme Court these new no abortion laws will be with us for decades or more. Is that the kind of life you want ladies. Every time you get pregnant you will have to have your pregnancy go the full term and have your baby. with the Republicans cutting the budget to the bone your pregnancies are going to be a huge burden on you. Is that the kind of America you want America? Well that’s the kind of America you will get from the dictatorial Republicans.
    Then to top it all off if the Republicans control our Government they will gut as many environmental laws as they can and open up as much land as they can to mineral and oil exploration. The Republicans don’t give a rat’s ass about leaving any oil for the people who may be here 100 to 5000 years from now if there is still people here. The future generations will need oil to make rubber, plastic and other oil base products but these greedy Republicans are out to leave them not much.
    The news of today is that Mommar Gaddafi is dead. Three dictators have fallen and not one American soldier has been hurt in the struggles for freedom in any of these revolutions. It goes to show the contrast between the Republican macho narrow minded ignorant way of doing things and President Obama’s calculating result yielding way of doing things.
    As far as foreign policy goes President Obama has been doing great since being in office.
    ALL of the Republicans have been criticizing the way President Obama conducted this war. Yet everything the Republicans said about what they would have done if they were in control would of made the war worse for us Americans or the people of Libya. From those Republicans who said we had no business doing anything for the people of Libya to the Republicans who said we should of intervened more forcibly we would of been in a much worse position if the Republicans ran this foreign policy show.
    America is better off with President Obama in office and the Arab world looks admirably at America since President Obama became our President.
    Now the Obama administration is about to meet with North Korea and I’m sure that conflict will be resolved soon. Also President Obama has assured me that he will settle this Palestinian problem before he leaves office. It just takes time to nudge Israel towards granting the Palestinians their right to a nation.
    The Orthodox Jews are holding up solving that problem and a worldwide boycott of ALL Jewish owned businesses and Jewish professionals would make the Jewish people want to create a Palestinian State. Somebody help me get this boycott started!
    However eventually it is going to take the President of the United States to go before the United Nations and grant the right of the Palestinians to get their State. The sooner this is done the better off we will all be!
    However every Republican politician panders to the wishes of Israel and if the Republicans win the White House then our country will be in for more Republican wars! The next election is going to determine if we Americans are going to send our troops into more wars as the Republicans spread their macho narrow minded hawkish foreign policy agenda around the world!
    Now I hear on the news that the RepubliCONS are criticizing President Obama about how he conducted the war in Libya and his pullout of troops from Iraq. These Republicans are a bunch of dingbats. President Obama never led from behind as the RepubliCONS try to criticize him as doing. President Obama did the smart thing and didn’t put our troops lives on the line or drive our country more broke as he helped get rid of Gaddafi. Now we ALL know how the Republicans do things. Iraq showed how much the Republicans can screw things up as they put our troops lives on the line and drive us broke with battle plans that never yield peace.
    The Republicans won’t spend money on us Americans but are willing to spend more money in Iraq babysitting a nation that has had enough of us being around. Iraq won’t fall apart once we leave and Iran won’t take it over either when we are gone. Iran and Iraq had a war against each other and the Iraq people just got rid of their dictator so they don’t want the dictatorship of Iran ruling them. The Iraq people are happy to be free of dictatorship and will wisely use their new found freedom to create a course to peace that doesn’t involve us, Iran or anyone else.
    President Obama has taken our country from a despised country by the Arabs that he inherited from President Bush and the Republicans and turned it around so that now the Arab world respects and admires us Americans.
    These Republicans try to pass themselves off as Christians but Jesus would never do what these Republicans do! These Republicans are such warmongers that God can’t stand them! The Republicans do there best to deceive us into believing they are right about everything and the Democrats and President Obama are the cause of all of our problems.
    Folks, remember the story about the seven blind people who were told to describe an elephant after only being allowed to touch the elephant once. You got seven different descriptions of the elephant. Well the Republicans are trying to describe reality from a narrow minded point of view. The Republicans try to paint a picture of reality and try to convince you that there description of reality is the truth. But what the Republicans are doing is trying to con you into believing that they are right and the Democrats and President Obama is wrong about everything. The Republicans are master character assassins so beware of everything they say and do.
    I need to change subjects to the earthquakes that is engulfing the planet. With the big quake hitting Turkey today and causing much damage we need a warning system to accurately warn us of earthquakes. With the planets all lining up in 2012 our plates on this planet are going to be in for some very strong pulling.
    So I’d like to point out a 100% sure way to tell if your area is going to experience an earthquake. It’s not a machine that we need to tell about an oncoming earthquake we need flamingos! A short while ago an area of the Earth had an Earthquake and a report said that it was noticed that the flamingos all bunched together before the quake. They did that to insure themselves that they would not fall over and hurt themselves. They also knew that the quake was coming. Animals are pretty smart, aren’t they. We just have to figure out what it is that they know.
    Now every area that is in a quake zone must get a flamingo pen set up. Make sure it is on the ground and climate controlled to to keep it warm in cold weather. You don’t want the flamingos huddling together so to stay warm. Have a camera on the pen at ALL times. Have transmitters put on the flamingos that will put out an alert that will alert you when they bunch together. When they bunch together sound off an loud alarm that will warn people to get out of all unsafe buildings and areas. There’s your earthquake warning system.
    I need for ALL of you that agree with anything that I have to say to help get my ideas out to the public. I don’t know much about this computer stuff and I don’t know how to promote my web page. I don’t have the money to pay others to use search engines to get others to read my web page. The press ignores me even though I have ask ALL of them to read my web page and to put my ideas out to the public.
    So it is up to you the people to get my ideas out to as many people that you can in any way that you can. I am only a whisper in a thunderstorm. You can take my whisper of ideas and make them a shout heard by the world! Use the computer and word of mouth to get as many people as yo can to read my web page. My ideas are unique and will solve our problems. But my ideas won’t solve anything if they just remain ideas only. Somebody has to make these ideas a reality.
    Now onto the economy and politics. When I hear President Obama and our Vice President Joe Biden say that they own the economy I say how wrong they are. They did not create the economic mess that we are in.
    This financial mess happened during the Republican rein of power. In 2000 when the Republicans took over from President Clinton our country was doing alright. When President Bush left office our country was in a recession and nearly in the worst depression it has ever had.
    President Obama had to spend our way out of this potential recession. Had he not given the banks taxpayer money our whole banking system would of collapsed. When President Obama took office the banks had wasted most if not all of our deposited money on gambling games sanctioned by the Republicans. The Republicans to this day allow this derivative market to exist and stand in the way for initiating and passing laws that will end the derivative market.
    President Obama also had to financially prop up a few investment firms. Had he not done so can you imagine how many investments and 401k plans would of been wiped out! Do you know what kind of a depression our country would of been in had the banks all failed and the investment firms not been able to pay out the investors whose money they invested.
    Our country would of been in one heck of a depression had President Obama not done what he had done. Our country would of been in a deep depression had the Republicans won instead of President Obama.
    However the economy of today is not all of President Obama’s doing. He does not own the economy. President Obama is paying off the debt of the last administration, President Bush’s debts and blunders. Also President Obama is not getting any help from the obstructionist Republicans in his quest to better the economy.
    Fixing the economy by the government is like running a two person three legged race. If one of the three legs refuses to move forward then the racers end up not advancing at all.
    Our government is run by the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives. If one branch of our government refuses to do something then nothing gets done. One branch of government can shut down the whole government. That’s exactly what the Republicans in the House of Representatives have done with our government. They are telling us it’s either their way or no way. They are dictators in our democracy! So don’t blame President Obama for this economy not improving. The Republicans won’t improve it!!!!!
    The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for one year now. Our government functions as a three part system. The Presidency, Senate and the House of Representatives all must agree to something before something becomes law. One part of the three part government of ours can prevent anything from getting done by our government.
    All of you Americans must ask yourselves if this government that we have today is what you want. I doubt if one single one of you would say that they are happy with the way our government is run.
    The Republicans have yet to offer any plan to make our economy better. Their only plan is to cut regulations and to cut taxes for the rich. Most if not all of the regulations that the Republicans want to cut have to do with protecting our environment and protect us from harm caused by a bad environment. Also they want to end Obamacare.
    Now as far as Obamacare goes just what part of Obamacare do the Republicans want to end? Do they want to end the possibility to insure that young people can stay on their parents health care plan after they are 18 years old? Why would the Republicans want to end an idea that would bring in more money to the health care system so that the health care providers would have more money to pay for the more serious deceases that Obamacare would make them now pay for that they previously didn’t have to pay for because when one would get majorly sick before they were simply dropped by the healthy insurance company. The Republicans say that they would set up a fund to pay for major medical problems. However I as well as most Americans don’t trust the Republican Party as far as we can spit to provide funds for anything but things that benefit the rich. Also why should all American taxpayers pay for major health care for the seriously sick when the health care insurance providers are suppose to pay for this health care. The health insurance industry is making millions of dollars so it’s about time they start putting some of that money towards providing coverage for what it is they said they would cover instead of lining the pockets of their employees and investors.
    Now there is a lot of talk coming from the rich and the Republicans about how Obamacare is bad for our economy. Well first of all millions of people not having health insurance is bad for our economy. And the insurance coverage offered by some companies isn’t worth two cents. I use to have health insurance offered by McDonald’s, one of the largest fast food companies and only one or two doctors in my county would accept the insurance! The insurance company only covered a little amount of medical care every year and my deductible was sky high. I also was responsible for the first I beleive it was the first three thousand dollars of medical cost. So obviously the problem is that health insurance companies just don’t want to spend money on health insurance. They want to make money from health insurance.
    Now being that the economy is bad right now perhaps a good idea would be to hold off for about three years the full implementation of Obamacare. In three years the economy should start picking up more than it is now. However eventually we have to get people who don’t have health insurance the health care that they need in some way. It’s bad enough that many people are getting sicker because they can’t afford to nip a problem in the bud before it becomes more worse. It’s kind of like having an old car that you can’t afford to fix only to see it’s mechanical problems get worse because you didn’t fix a small problem which then becomes a big problem. We can’t have a health care system that allows small problems to become big problems.
    I’m hearing on the news now that our so call leaders of our economic well being, our Congress is incapable of producing a budget that will pass both parties in Congress. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ll just give you a warning America. These Republicans are using the lack of ability to pass a budget as a way to sneak in a tax cut for the rich. The RepubliCONS are trying to hustle a deal out of Congress and the President to lower the tax rate for the rich. The RepubliCONS won’t pass a budget that raises taxes in any way yet say that they will give in to the idea of raising revenue by closing loopholes in the tax code only if we lower the tax rate for the rich.
    America don’t be taken in by this Republican hustle. The Republicans know that the rich people’s taxes are going up next year so they are trying in any way that they can to extend in any way that they can more tax cuts for the rich. Now if the Republicans do win control of the Senate, House and the Presidency they will permanently extend the Bush tax cuts but fearing that they may not win they are trying to use this ploy now to get their tax rate cuts. Don’t fall for their hustle America!
    The Super Committee that Congress set up to fix the budget is at a standstill. That’s because the politicians at opposite ends of the political spectrum can’t agree on anything. So we the people suffer. However we could easily get to a deal if the Republicans would agree to increasing taxes. But that will never happen. But if the Republicans would raise taxes on the rich I’m sure the Democrats would cut the budget in some way so that in the end we would have economic stability. However the Democrats won’t cave in yet to budget cuts until the Republicans agree to raising taxes so America and Congress is at a standstill.
    The Republicans are always trying to belittle President Obama and the Democrats about the economy. The Republicans are always saying that we are worse off now than we were when President Obama took office. But the Republican politicians are a bunch of lying hustlers. When President Obama took office our country was in the mist of the worst modern day recession it has seen and inches away from a devastating depression. We were losing 600,000 or more jobs a year and the stock market and money markets were crashing before our eyes. Yet today all of that is in the past. So we are better off today than when President Obama took office! Got that Republicans!
    The fact of the matter is that we were worse off when the Republicans controlled our government and we all know that. The Republicans try their best to brainwash Americans with their lies about what they try to paint as reality but I hope you Americans are finally intelligent enough to see the truth of the matter and not believe the Republicans lies.
    Now President Obama did have to spend a lot of our tax dollars to get America out of the financial mess that the Republicans caused. Had President Obama had not had to get America out of the economic jam it was in then he would not had spent all of the government funds that he did. However he had to. But for the Republicans to get on President Obama for having to spend all of this government money to save America when it was the Republicans who caused us Americans to have to spend this government money to save ourselves is hypocritical. And for the Republicans to get on President Obama for having more people needing food stamps than ever before when it was the Republican policies that led to the financial disaster that we are now in which is the reason why there are more people now than ever before needing food stamps and other government aid is ridiculous.
    The Republicans are the cause of our country’s problems and there isn’t any way out of our financial problems that isn’t going to take some money to solve. However this money we are spending today can be payed back soon because once we get out of Iraq and Afganistan then our government will have more money to pay for whatever we are doing today. It’s kind of like we can spend a little bit more today because in the future we know that we will have more money coming in to pay for the expenses we incurred today.
    However next year we will have a lot more money coming into the government treasury because the Bush tax cuts will finally be gone. That is if we aren’t foolish enough to extend these Bush tax cuts or get conned by the RepubliCONS into lowering the tax rate for the rich in some deal that the Republicans are trying their best in some way to get initiated. We are ALL going to have to contact President Obama and the Democrats and tell them to not allow this Bush tax cuts to be extended or for the tax rate to be lowered. We are ALL going to have to vote for President Obama and the Democrats to insure that these tax cuts don’t happen.
    Now I know a lot of you are upset with President Obama and the Democrats for not delivering on everything that you wanted. But remember it was the Republicans who STOPPED us from getting what it is that we wanted. The Republicans in Congress have managed to block any legislation that we wanted. So to get what we need we have to get the Republicans out of our government by voting them out of public office.
    Let me just add here a thought about our economy here. When you are trying to figure out how our economy works and how to fix it think of a household budget. If your household has an expense you need to pay for you go to the ones in your household that has the most money to help pay for this expense. That is why we have to go after the rich to pay more taxes to get the economy in fiscal order. When you want your household to buy more things then you put more money into the pockets of those in your household who needs the things that you want people to buy. You don’t improve the economy by giving money to people in your household who will not buy the things that improve our economy. Improving the economy means we have to give people the ability to buy things that improve our economy. The rich already have the things that are needed to improve our economy. The rich can ONLY get richer by people buying the things that made them rich in the first place.
    So this RepubliCON talk of the rich needing their money to create jobs is a bunch of lies. Consumers create jobs by buying things that take jobs to make those things that they buy! That is how a good economy works!
    I would like to change subjects here and talk about the environment. As I predicted there wasn’t any hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico this year. And as I predicted there wasn’t any major hurricanes in the Atlantic either. Now we did have some wet thunderstorms in the Atlantic and that is because a hurricane that depletes into a thunderstorm is going to be one wet thunderstorm.
    Folks, we still got a problem in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico from the dispersant s that BP Oil used to stop the damage caused by their Gulf oil spill. I’m predicting that again in 2012 and probably for another several years we won’t have any hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico. We also aren’t going to have any major hurricanes in the Atlantic in 2012. I hope that BP Oil still isn’t using dispersant s to combat their oil spill. I hope that someone and preferably the government is making sure that BP Oil isn’t using these dispersant s anymore.
    Now I say all of this because if you look at the cloud formation in the Gulf of Mexico off the border of Texas there is very little cloud formation. Something strange is still going on in the Gulf and if is happening there then I’m sure the effects are still going on in the Atlantic. Obviously these dispersant s take a long time to stop working and we need to find out how long these dispersant s last.
    Texas is going to have another drought this coming summer when the heat of summer arrives. Texas farmers have better grow cotton again because crops are going to are going to not grow again because of the drought. And all of you Texan cattle folks are again going to have another ruff year so you better have enough water and feed for cattle because Mother Nature isn’t going to provide any.
    Look at all the cloud formations that happen in the Gulf of Mexico, the southern states that surround the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean around the Southern part of the U.S.. Compared to cloud formations of years ago the cloud formations of today are weak. I remember in Florida we use to have huge cloud formations very often when storms would roll through the area of the state where I live. I haven’t seen those cloud formations in the last several years.
    In fact I haven’t seen the cloud formations that I use to see when I first came to Florida in 1988 since around 1995. When I first came to Florida in 1988 there was cloud formations that were the size of gigantic mountains. The rain from those mountain size rain clouds use to create extreme rain storms that would flood the part of Florida so much that the rain would flood our streets so much that the rain water would flood many streets. Hwy.19 would have the water ditches along side it filled to the brim with rain water. It would rain so hard that it was hard to see ten feet in front of your car as you were driving.
    Since around 1995 that kind of thunderstorms don’t happen anymore. Since the BP Oil spill these kind of rain clouds and storms happen even much less. Since 1988 we first had the first war against Iraq. That put a very lot of chemicals from exploiting bombs into our upper atmosphere. Also the burning of all those oil wells by Iraq during that war put a lot of environmental damaging chemicals into our upper atmosphere. Then we had the second Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan that also put a lot of destructive chemicals into our upper atmosphere. These chemicals from these bombs greatly harm our atmosphere causing our environment to have less ability to produce rain. For how long I don’t know but I’m scared it might be for decades and perhaps 50 to 100 years or more considering how badly we are harming the environment from other chemicals that we are putting into the atmosphere from other things that we are doing.
    All of these actions against our environment will cause there to be fewer if any hurricanes from hitting America for a long time. Sadly this will mean much less rain also for the very Southeastern part of America. Farmers and water wells will suffer from this lessening or rain.
    Now I like to add that living around Pasco County in Florida I never had to worry about hurricanes hitting my area of the state. That is because as the early Indians knew that Pasco County area is the safest part of Florida when a hurricane hits this part of the world. It’s impossible for a hurricane to hit Pasco County. That is because there is only about thirty feet of water in the Gulf for many miles into the Gulf from Pasco county. A hurricane cannot be a hurricane in thirty feet of water. It will turn into a thunderstorm in thirty feet of water. And a hurricane always seeks out the deepest warmest water to travel in, That leaves out Pasco county.
    Now let me change the subject to politics. Newt GingRICH has the audacity to say that the Palestinians are an invented people seeking a state. Lame brain Newt doesn’t realize that ALL people on this planet are invented people with states of there own. We Americans have invented our U.S.A.! Israel is an invented state! To create PEACE we create states for people. We create wars when we occupy land and deny those that we take land from a state of there own along with denying them their right to a life of there own. Newt GingRICH bends over and kisses Israel ass every time he gets a chance as he panders for the vote of the Jewish people. If Newt GingRICH becomes our next president get ready for many wars because his perspective of reality leads to conflict. If any Rebublican becomes our next president our country will be in for more wars. The Republicans perspective of global politics leads America into many wars and unnecessary massive military buildup to enrich themselves.
    Yet the Republicans erroneously accuse President Obama of not having a good foreign policy. But the Republicans never back up their charges with any specific details. Kind of like going to court and making a lot of charges against someone without offering any proof. It would be nice if the press would request proof of any charges leveled. But with the terrible lame brain press we have in this country, especially FOX News, the Republicans get away with these erroneous charges. Of course if anyone who works for Fox News ever said anything nice about President Obama they would probaly be fired. Yet if a Republican president would of been able to do what President Obama has done in the foreign policy arena the Republicans would of been singing praises. President Obama has earned the respect and the praises of the Arab world in ways that the Republicans never have and never will.
    Newt Gingrich and the rest of the Republicans like to try to brainwash us into believing that they are the party that is fiscally responsible. Yet now I hear that Newt supports mining for minerals on the moon. We have all the minerals on Earth that we need right now but Newt wants to provide our tax money to go mining for minerals on the moon where temperatures are about 300 degrees below zero on the dark side of the moon. We can’t even get our cars to start and operate right in the low temperatures we experience on Earth. We can’t even get people to want to work in the North or South poles yet we taxpayers are suppose to pay to find and equip a workforce to go working on the moon!
    Then I hear in these tight monetary times that we taxpayers are being forced by the Republicans and the Democrats to pay for a costly mechanical expedition to Mars that is suppose to ONLY find out if there is microscopic life on Mars. SO WHAT IF there is microscopic life on Mars! It isn’t going to make our lives any better if there is or isn’t. Then I hear that us taxpayers payed NASA to find out that there is a planet like Earth 300 light years away! SO WHAT! None of the stuff that NASA finds out about other planets changes our lives in any way! NASA is the biggest waste of money that us taxpayers are forced to support. NASA has got to GO! We went to the moon and what has it accomplished? NOTHING! We brought back some MOON ROCKS! BIG DEAL! We spend millions of dollars, risk people’s lives, waste people’s talents only to get some ROCKS! We pay NASA billions of dollars to explore space and get nothing but information that doesn’t affect or change our lives in any way at all. Get REAL folks! It’s time to stop believing in SANTA! It’s time to face reality and stop dreaming about space!
    American taxpayers have got to set up two types of boxes to pay our bills. One box is the critically needed box and the other is the so what box. We should only pay for things in the critically needed box and not for things in the so what box. If we did this we would lower the cost of government. Then if we were to change our government so that we have the best possible government for the cheapest possible price we would finally lower the price of government. That is the ONLY way to get America out of the economic dilemma we are in.
    I’d like for ALL of you to go to the your computers and type in U.S. Government agencies. You will see a list so long that will make your jaw drop. In these economic trying times how many of these agencies can we do without and still survive? Our country would be better off if we were to temporary stop paying for many of these agencies until our economic condition affords us to be able to pay for these agencies. Also no one on any of these agencies should EVER be allowed to collect government pensions. Why pay pensions to people when you can get others to do the same work for no pensions. Pensions only drive up the cost of doing business. Remember America needs the best possible government for the cheapest possible price! We also need to run our businesses the same way because if we don’t then some foreign company will which will result in them undercutting our product cost which will result in us Americans losing more jobs.
    We Americans have to realize that us Americans are at a disadvantage when it comes to a global economy. We support the world as no other nation does. This support makes our government cost to go up immensely. The military cost alone is driving us broke. So to give foreign companies free access to our markets in these so called free trade deals so that we can get access to their markets is ridiculous. Most of these countries we sign trade deals with are the size of one or several states of ours. Most of these countries populations are the amount of one or several of our states. ALL of them have an economic advantage over us Americans when it comes to product cost. ALL of them can offer products which cost a lot less than we can offer. So to lower tariffs to foreign countries to attract business only makes our countries economy worse. We should be making tariffs so that they help to mostly pay for our foreign expenses of ALL kinds! Also their marketplace offers few opportunities for American products which means we get the short end of the stick in these so called free trade deals. Wake up America and stop throwing your jobs away to the world who can undercut your cost on everything that you do! These Republicans are for free trade agreements because they know that they can get products made cheaper overseas and then sell them for a higher profit here. The Republicans are not out to help America! The Republicans are out to profit off of America!
    I would like to add a quick note about my spelling on my web page. I’ll get the spelling corrected shortly. The computer I’m using now to work on my web page doesn’t have spell check right now but soon will. So until then please disregard the misspelling. Also my grammar may not be the best. I barely have a high school education. So give me a break! It’s not as important in how I say what I say