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[By Andrew Leonard | 17 Nov 2012 | One Comment]
Andrew Leonard / CALIFORNIA BEAT

Sentiments about the violent conflict on the Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestine spilled onto the streets of San Francisco late Friday afternoon in a spirited but peacceful protest in front of the Israeli consulate.

Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel demonstrators chanted and waved banners at one another from opposite sides of Montgomery Street in the Financial District during the afternoon commute hour as part of Bay Area reaction to the conflict in Gaza.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 23 Nov 2010 | No Comments]
A North Korean border town photographed from across the Demilitarized Zone. (Andrew Leonard/ CALIFORNIA BEAT FILE)

INCHEON, South Korea — Tensions remain at heightened levels 24 hours after a fiery artillery exchange between North and South Korean forces left two South Korean Marines on the offshore island of Yeonpyeong dead, more than a dozen injured and the world watching for any additional signs of trouble.

The incident between the two countries happened at approximately 2:30 p.m. local time Tuesday (9:30 p.m. Monday Pacific time), when North Korean forces fired artillery shells, striking several buildings on the island. The explosions sent residents into immediate panic and triggered a retaliatory onslaught of South Korean artillery fire into North Korean territory.