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[By Andrew Leonard | 22 May 2016 | No Comments]
Maker Faire is a combination of both low tech and high-tech. Pictured here, a programmable miniature game system was available for purchase.

SAN MATEO, CALIF – From May 20 to May 22, the San Mateo Event Center became a temporary Mecca for makers: nerds, builders, hackers and geeks alike.

For the price of admission, visitors get to experience everything from fire-breathing metal dragons, to drone racing and video games. This is not a faire to be watched from afar, as nearly every exhibit is interactive; attendees are just as much a part of the faire as the exhibitors.

Bay Area Snapshots, Cover Stories, The Bay Area »

[By Nathan Wyss | 20 May 2013 | No Comments]
More than 100,000 people turned out for the Maker Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds, a convention of creativity attracting engineers, hobbyists and artists. (Nathan Wyss/ CALIFORNIA BEAT PHOTO)

The San Mateo County Fairgrounds transformed into a hotbed for creativity over the weekend, playing host to the enormously popular do-it-yourself festival Maker Faire.

The festival offers hobbyists, engineers, and anyone with an imagination a chance to show-off their creations — from dizzying pieces of art to solar-powered inventions.