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[By Tim Jue | 1 Jul 2016 | No Comments]
San Jose Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez joins Lufthansa executives and airport staff to welcome a new non-stop flight to Frankfurt, Germany. (DLH Photo)

SAN JOSE CALIF. — Mineta San Jose International Airport expanded its roster of international flights again Friday when it welcomed a non-stop service from Frankfurt, Germany on Lufthansa.

The flight will operate five days a week on a Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 with 18 Business Class seats, 19 premium economy seats and 261 economy seats. 

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[By Tim Jue | 16 Mar 2016 | No Comments]
British Airways Boeing 787-9 arrives at London Heathrow on 30 September 2015

SAN FRANCISCO — Bay Area travelers are finding plenty of new options as of late when it comes to flights for long-haul international travel. 

Starting May 4, they’ll have one more.

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[By California Beat | 4 Apr 2011 | No Comments]
Courtesy Brenda Reese/ TwitPic.com

SAN FRANCISCO — Southwest Airlines canceled flights for the third consecutive day Monday to allow federal inspectors to finish searching for metal fatigue on its fleet of unrefurbished Boeing 737-300 airplanes.

Ten flights to and from the Bay Area, seven serving Oakland International Airport and three at Mineta San Jose International, were canceled as of 7 a.m. Monday according to flightstats.com, a flight tracking web site.

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[By California Beat | 3 Apr 2011 | One Comment]

SAN FRANCISCO — Southwest Airlines canceled flights for a second consecutive day Sunday after grounding 79 of its Boeing 737-300 planes to conduct emergency inspections for metal fatigue.

A total of 40 arriving and departing flights at the Bay Area’s three major airports were cancelled because of the inspections, according to flight tracking website flightstats.com.

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[By Beat News Service | 2 Apr 2011 | No Comments]
Courtesy Brenda Reese/ TwitPic.com

SAN FRANCISCO — Southwest Airlines grounded 79 of its airplanes Saturday morning for emergency inspections after a gaping 3-foot hole tore open in the fuselage of a Sacramento-bound flight Friday afternoon, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in Yuma, Ariz.

The airline warned passengers to expect the cancellations of 300 flights and delays to dozens of others at airports nationwide to allow the FAA, NTSB and engineers from Boeing, the manufacturer of its planes, to examine if others are at risk of developing the same problem.