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Help support the mission of the California Beat to provide an online space for local reporting.

Your contribution to the website helps cover the costs associated with running and maintaining a digital space for the individual contributors that provide quality local content to the California Beat.

To our readers, the site is a digital investment to the cultural, civic and social engagement of our communities through fascinating, provocative and occasionally quirky content on this site.

Your donation will go a long way towards ensuring that we can continue providing vibrant stories about the people, places and things of the Metropolitan San Francisco Bay Area.

You can donate any amount through the PayPal button below, or e-mail us at info@californiabeat.org with questions and your contribution directly.

Where your money will go.

One hundred percent of all donations go towards the California Beat’s general fund which pays for this web site, the digital infrastructure needed to host it, and other costs associated with keeping our online content free for our visitors.

Donations from our audience are also used to pay for the high costs associated with researching, writing and producing stories about the Bay Area.

Contributing to the California Beat ensures that our visitors will continue to access web site content and ensure that the independent contributors who provide content have the necessary resources to do what they do best: tell stories.

Why should I donate?

Our visitors certainly aren’t required to donate anything. We provide our content free of charge to anyone who wants to visit our website or receive our digital content.

We do ask those visitors who wish to see this online resource grow consider a contribution in any amount so that the California Beat continues to provide a community resource for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Thank you for your generosity.

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