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Happy hours ’til after hours, Bay Area people aren’t the early-to-bed-early-to-rise types. Below: behold the growing list of things to do, the happening places to see, and what’s going on after the sun sets. Have a tip for a place for us to check out? E-mail us: info@californiabeat.org. Cheers.

[By Vanessa Guerra | 30 May 2010 | No Comments]
Oakland's Beer Revolution offers up a tasty selection of over 500 brews at their popular pub. (Photo by Vanessa Guerra/ CALIFORNIA BEAT)

Beer lovers: bottoms up! Prepare to do some serious tasting at a new Oakland hot-spot, Beer Revolution.

This new addition to the Jack London Square neighborhood opened just a few months ago and it’s already earning rave reviews for their delectable selection and super friendly service.

[By California Beat | 7 May 2010 | No Comments]
Hush you!

There’s a big spat going on atop Nob Hill right now on whether to give a big-name concert promoter the rights to increase the number of music shows inside the sparingly used Masonic Auditorium on California Street.

The promoter, Live Nation, won approval from the city for upgrades to the center, including the installation of tiered seats and permanent food and alcohol booths in the front lobby.

[By Vanessa Guerra | 2 May 2010 | No Comments]
Opening weekend at the renovated museum drew thousands of visitors -- all free of charge. (Photo: Vanessa Guerra/ CALIFORNIA BEAT)

After a major $62.2 million two-year transformation, the Oakland Museum of California reopened its doors to the public this weekend.

The consensus amongst museum visitors was clear: the renovated museum is impressive.

[By Vanessa Guerra | 18 Apr 2010 | No Comments]
Co-owner Guy Karmi pours wine for customers at his Downtown Oakland restaurant, Spice Monkey, a two-year old spot that is quickly drawing a loyal following.

After a long period in the doldrums, Downtown Oakland is coming to life again.

And it’s being resurrected thanks in part to restaurants like Spice Monkey, a busy Webster St. spot that draws a loyal crowd of suit-and-tie regulars along with casual locals looking for a great spot to eat.

It’s located inside a beautiful art deco era building that once housed Oakland’s historic Howden Tile factory. Remnants of the old factory — and the ceramic tiles it used to manufacture — are located all over the restaurant.

[By Vanessa Guerra | 1 Apr 2010 | No Comments]
Farley's East owners Amy and Chris Hillyard's coffee shop has transformed into a community gathering hub for Uptown Oakland.

When Amy and Chris Hillyard opened Farley’s East, a community coffeehouse in Uptown Oakland last summer, both said the goal was to create a place with community, comfort, great food and coffee.

So far, it’s been successful all the way.

[By Vanessa Guerra | 29 Mar 2010 | No Comments]
LIKE A CHEMIST, the skilled bartenders at Grand Tavern concoct brilliant mixed drinks.

The Grand Tavern, perhaps named for the street it calls home, is a converted two-story Victorian that has become a local hotspot for dining out along Oakland’s Grand Avenue.

On a recent visit, my guest and I sat at a wooden table right next to a fireplace and front bay window in the Victorian’s converted living room.

[By California Beat | 23 Sep 2009 | No Comments]
photo 2gd

For the eager people who can’t wait to get the weekend started early – a San Francisco hot spot targeting  urban hipsters, yuppies, science geeks and everyone in between beacons you to stop by.

By now you’ve probably heard of and visited the new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park. The renovated science emporium reopened last November to great fanfare featuring a new indoor tropical garden and a spiffy aquarium that took years to design and build.