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Boardwalk's Buccaneer Bay Miniature Golf is a hole-in-one for fun

Beat Staff Writer

There are many exciting and fun attractions at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk all designed so that visitors of all ages can enjoy their visit. From the various rides to the large collection of new and classic arcade games, it would be rather difficult to leave without having found something which suits your tastes. Within Neptune’s Kingdom, one will find perhaps the most unique of the boardwalk’s attractions in the form of Buccaneer Bay Miniature Golf.

Open daily, Buccaneer Bay Miniature Golf in an 18 – hole course located on both floors of Neptune’s Kingdom. Regular admission to the play on the course costs just $5, however you can enter for just $4 if you have a Boardwalk unlimited rides wristband. You will be provided a club, ball, and scorecard upon entry.

With a name like Buccaneer Bay, it is easy to guess what the course’s theme is. In fact trying to play without being distracted by the scenery can be difficult. From the pirate mounted overlooking the course to the cannons which fire off from the second floor from time to time, there is always something interesting to see, even if your score card is not one of them.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of the course takes you into a room illuminated only by black light. As a result, your eyes are teased by brightly glowing golf balls, clubs, and obstacles making for a unique playing experience. Just don’t get too distracted by your possibly glowing clothing.

However the course does have one downside – its small and narrow size. The entire 18 hole course only takes up half of Neptune’s Kingdom. As a result, depending on the number of people on the course, backups can lead to some downtime between holes.

Despite its size, Buccaneer Bay Miniature Golf is still a fun attraction for all ages to enjoy. And if you’re not the type who enjoys golf, well you still have the many rides, arcades, and pool tables of the adjacent Boardwalk.

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