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AUDIO: Transcripts and audio for all released clips from BART Police dispatch recordings

The following is a transcript of all of the released clips from BART Police dispatch communications recordings from the night of the shooting of Oscar Grant by Johannes Mehserle, as made available Tuesday by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The corresponding individual audio clips made available on Thursday have been inserted into the appropriate places in the transcript.

If you’d like to listen to all the audio clips collected together, you can do so below. (Note that this clip collection is put together for your listening convenience, and isn’t a complete or continuous picture of what was said that night.)

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In what follows, “D” is a BART Police dispatcher. “514” is former BART Police Officer Anthony Pirone, while “496” is his partner, former BART Police Officer Marysol Domenici; “508” is BART Police Officer Jonathan Guerra. Former BART Police Officer Johannes Mehserle does not speak, but is referred to once as “544.”

Clip 1:

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D: 514, I got a 242 on a train that’s holding there, Dublin-bound, getting details.

514: 10-4.

B14: Boy-14 we can break and head towards [unintelligible]

Clip 2:

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D: Boy-14 I’ll show you en route to cover at Fruitvale. It’s the lead car, no weapons. All black clothing, large group of bms is all we have.

B14: 14, I copy.

D: Per central they’re still engaged.

Charlie 10: Charlie 10 en route.

D: 10-4 where are you coming from?

Charlie 10: West Oakland.

D: Copy.

Clip 3:

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11: 11, 508 en route from Lake Merritt.

508: 508, 10-4.

Clip 4 (“This is when Pirone asks Domenici to come up to platform 1″):

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514: 496, Tac-1.

496: Go.

514: Can you ninety-eight me upstairs?

496: Which side?

514: Dublin side.

496: 10-4.

Clip 5:

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Charlie 10: Charlie-10, 97 Fruitvale, was it the lead car?

D: Affirm.

Clip 6:

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508: 11, 508 97 Fruitvale.

D: 508, 10-4.

Clip 7:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

B14: Boy-14 about a minute out.

D: Boy-14, 10-4

Clip 8:

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D: Uh, Boy-10, when you can, an update for the other units.

Clip 9:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: 496, are you with 514?

Clip 10:

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D: And for units going 97 at Fruitvale, the train operator says 514 may be in a struggle or he’s out of camera view. And 508’s on the platform also.

14: 14, 97.

D: cover

Clip 11:

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B10: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

B10: All of those subjects off-boarded, go ahead and release the train.

D: 10-4, are you code four

Clip 12:

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Charlie 10: Charlie 10 send more units to Fruitvale.

D: 10-4, more units for Fruitvale. It’s a group gathering.

Clip 13:

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508: 11, we got a crowd forming up here [unintelligible].

D: 10-4, 14’s 97, and, uh, OPD’s being advised.

508: I copy, 14’s on scene.

Clip 14:

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508: 11 code three medical. We have a gunshot wound victim [unintelligible]

D: I copy code three for a gunshot wound?

508: Affirm.

B10: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

B10: I need Code 3 medical to Fruitvale ASAP for a gunshot victim, copy gunshot victim.

D: Affirm, code three for a gunshot victim.

508: 11 release the train here.

D: Train’s being released.

Clip 15:

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D: OPD’s en route.

496: Release the train.

D: They’ve been advised.

Clip 16:

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496: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

496: Do not let the trains here at Fruitvale with doors open, keep ’em running through Fruitvale, do not stop any trains at Fruitvale.

D: Copy.

496: Boy-10, I’m clearing the platform.

D: 10.

L-11: 11, do we have an outstanding shooter?

D: 496?

496: Go ahead.

D: For L11, is there an outstanding shooter?

514: Boy-10, what’s your question?

D: L11 wants to know if there’s an outstanding shooter.

514: Negative. Don’t have ’em stage, have ’em roll, code three, platform one.

D: Affirm, they’re en route.

Clip 17:

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496: 10, advise the agent not to put nobody on the Dublin side of the platform.

D: Affirm, they’re being advised now.

Clip 18:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

514: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

514: If you need to do run-throughs, just do run-throughs, but we’re gonna close this platform down, and send me an L-unit asap.

D: 10-4. The trains have been advised to run through only. And 10-9, the type of unit you needed ASAP? You have some background noise.

514: An L-unit, supervisor?

D: 10-4, L-11.

514: And a DD if you have one available.

Clip 19:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: 508.

508: 508.

D: Tom-15’s going past Lake Merritt, you need supplies?

508: 10-9?

D: Do you need supplies? Tom-15 is driving by Lake Merritt.

Clip 20:

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508: 11, I’m performing first-aid right now, I’ll advise momentarily [unintelligible]

D: Tom-15, do you copy?

Tom-15: Tom-15, I’m just leaving Lake Merritt.

Clip 21:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

508: 11, ETA on AMR.

D: They were advised code three, stand by.

Clip 22:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: Boy-11 508, they’re still saying eight minutes, they’re in code three from Highland.

508: I, copy. Be advised we have gsw to his, uh, back, probably an exit wound to his chest here.

D: 10-4.

Clip 23:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

S30: S30, can you go ahead and [unintelligible] 24? Whatever detectives you can get a hold of that are off duty?

D: 10-4. 460, 374 and 456 are en route. Do you need more?

S30: Affirm. If you can get the detective sergeant also.

D: Copy.

Clip 24:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

508: 11 508, fire’s on scene.

D: Fire’s on scene.

Clip 25:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: 508, do you need assistance for ID tech?

Clip 26:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: 508, go ahead.

508: Uh, if we got another ID tech on duty, that’d probably be better, per S30.

Clip 27:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

496: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

496: Closing down Fruitvale Station, do not let any trains on both platforms through. Just have ’em go through the station, do not stop any trains.

D: 10-4.

514: 10, you ready for a name?

D: Affirm.

514: Oscar Grant. George-Robert-Adam-Nora-Tom, the third, first of Oscar. Ocean-Sam-Charles-Adam-Robert, middle J for Julius, BM.

D: 514, you broke on the DOB.

514: I don’t have one right now. I’m going off a social security card.

D: 10-4. Approximate age?

Clip 28:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

D: 514, just an approximate age?

514: Uh, early 20s, 22, 23.

D: Copy.

Clip 29:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

514: 10, AMR is 97

508: 508. If you can Tom-15 if they’re at the lake, grab the ID tech bags with the markers and a strollmeter from the cabinet.

D: Tom-15.

Tom-15: Copy, I got the first half of the supplies, I’ll be returning for the rest. Are they in the cabinet?

D: 508, are they in the cabinet?

508: Affirm.

Tom-15: Copy.

Charlie-10: Charlie-10.

D: Charlie-10.

Charlie-10: Station’s been sealed off and 552 is starting a log if you can note that in the events.

D: 10-4.

Clip 30:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

514: Boy-10.

D: Boy-10.

514: The DOB for Grant is, uh, 2/27/86.

D: 10-4.

Clip 31:

Download: (MP3) (Ogg Vorbis)

L-11: L-11, I’m en route back to Lake Merritt with 544

D: 10-4.

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