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PHOTOS: Blue Angels rattle windows on first day of Fleet Week practice flights

By California Beat October 8, 2010 3 Comments Print Share

SAN FRANCISCO — The United States Navy’s Blue Angels flight team rattled windows and frazzled nerves throughout the Bay Area Thursday afternoon when it took to the skies for Fleet Week practice flights.

The iconic blue and gold F/A-18 jets could be heard from every part of the city and throughout much of the Bay Area.

The flight team practiced their “circle and arrival” maneuvers — drills to get the pilots acclimated to Northern California skies — and performed the first of four air shows that will run through Sunday afternoon.

On Friday, the Blue Angels will perform a full air show rehearsal. The jets will perform on Saturday and Sunday — the busiest days of the 5-day San Francisco Fleet Week celebration — from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This website has compiled an insider’s guide with Fleet Week information, and a schedule of events. You can find it here.

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