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Anniversary celebration planned for Pier 39 Sea Lions

A three-day celebration, complete with cake and educational tours, will mark the 21st anniversary of the arrival of San Francisco’s iconic sea lions — a loud group of city residents that have called the Pier 39 waterfront attraction home since they arrived in the Bay in 1990.

The celebration will begin on Friday when naturalists from the Aquarium of the Bay will lead walking tours of Pier 39 every hour to share the story of the incredible history of the California Sea Lion and how they came to call the pier home for the past two decades.

Their arrival is almost as mysterious as their recent disappearance from the floating wooden platforms adjacent to the west side of the pier’s shops and commercial attractions. Naturalists suggest that their arrival into the Bay in 1990 was most likely spurred by plentiful seafood in the area.

In 2010, fewer sea lions were seen at Pier 39, alarming Pier 39 merchants who feared that the marine mammals had left their 20 year urban habitat in San Francisco for good. Marine biologists believe that the dwindling numbers of Sea Lions may be caused by a better offering of food along the Oregon coastline.

A handful of sea lions still call Pier 39 home, and this weekend, those who have stayed will be the focus of the celebration.

The walking tours will be offered every hour, at the top of the hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Pier 39 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information can be found on the Pier 39 website.

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