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Man injured after explosive disguised as newspaper delivery detonates in Vacaville

VACAVILLE, CALIF. — 19:50 PDT UPDATE — An explosive device disguised to look like a Sunday newspaper detonated in the hands of an elderly man who went to retrieve the item in front of his home Sunday morning, sending him to a local hospital with severe injuries.

Police evacuated several homes from a suburban Vacaville community in the Browns Valley neighborhood of the city and alerted homeowners to the potential for additional explosive devices disguised as newspapers and other deliveries planted in front of homes Sunday morning.

The elderly man who was injured in the 10:20 a.m. blast was airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento where he was recovering from “non-life threatening injures,” a city spokesperson said.

No other devices were found during a large sweep of the neighborhood surrounding Cashel Circle and Deadwood Drive, located west of Highway 505 and north of the Vacaville airport.

Bomb squads from the Vacaville Police, Solano County Sheriff’s Department and nearby Travis Air Force Base helped in a search of the neighborhood for additional devices.

Residents were allowed back into the homes at 4 p.m. but were asked to remain indoors.

Federal investigators from the FBI and ATF said Sunday that they would be working in conjunction with local authorities to determine the type of explosive that detonated and apprehend whoever was responsible for planting the device.

Authorities said they did not know if the attack was targeted.

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  • jim said:

    I live in that neighborhoob.I saw the news helicoper,And heard the explosion this morning…Not even lieing.Its kiindof scary if you think a bbout it,Because i could have been in my neighborhood