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From the bike-riding college town of Davis, an anthem for its lifestyle

The city of Davis might have its own anthem — all thanks to a group of University of California Davis Law School students.

Their song “Davis State of Mind” has gone from a talent show project, to a viral video on YouTube. For those who haven’t seen it: “An articulate and funny tour of Davis,” said Alex Pacheco, one of the video’s creators.

The video parodies Jay-Z’s song, “Empire State of Mind.” But instead of talking about a fast-paced city like New York, it has a much different inspiration — the small-town feel of Davis.

“Middle-class and middle of nowhere,” the lyrics state.” There’s nothing you can do, cause you’re stuck in Davis.”

The video has gotten well over 30,000 views on YouTube and has been shared and re-shared by Facebook users — including the city’s own Mayor, Joe Krovoza.

“I know we are far more than ‘middle class in the middle of no where’ but that’s the core of poking fun,” he said.

Although Krovoza said that he doesn’t officially condone the video on his Facebook page, he said that people understand that it’s all in good fun. Anything they don’t like about the video, the city can start a discussion to change it.

Plus, it’s not bad press for those involved.

“This is great attention for the law school,” Krovoza said. “I can’t imagine that the admissions office couldn’t be more pleased.”

Before it went viral, the video started as an idea for UC Davis’s Law School talent show that Pacheco brought up during one of his weekend barbecues.

With the help of 15 to 20 people, plenty of inspiration, and a few weeks of intensive production work, the idea became reality.

“A lot of people received it really well,” he said. “When I asked them to be in it they were definitely all for it.”

They even moved up the production schedule so they could enter the video into legal blog’s Above the Law’s contest.

“We entered it five minutes before it was due,” Pacheco said. “It was kind of a last minute thing but it turned out pretty well.”

“I’ve never been a part of a viral video before,” he said. “So when Above the Law finally posts it, it’ll be interesting to see how many views it gets across the nation.”

As to why this video has so many people in and out of the community talking, the creators don’t know. They do have a guess.

“There’s not that much about Davis,” said Daniel Watts, a law student who edited the video.

He said that besides the local news organizations, no one really talks about the sleepy college town.

“I think that people that have gone to this school, gone to King Hall (the law school), this is the only thing out there that’s talking about the town,” Watts said.

“If I did this about San Francisco or something, I don’t think people would care all that much,” Pacheco said.

Those clamoring for another Davis-centric video may be out of luck.

Both Pacheco and Watts said this is probably going to be end of it. Graduation is quickly approaching, and passing the Bar exam will be taking top priority this summer.

But if Law doesn’t work out, this group of King Hall grads might have a future in video production.

“Working on this and editing makes me want to do this again,” Watts said.

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  • Threebor said:

    Who is the woman in the chorus? Does anybody know? She’s amazing! I hope she’s not one of the dancers. :)

    Maybe she should sing the intro when the mayor shows up to events!