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Andrew Leonard

Andrew Leonard is a reporter and photographer for the California Beat. He is based in the East Bay.

He can be reached at aleonard@californiabeat.org.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 17 Nov 2012 | No Comments]
Andrew Leonard / CALIFORNIA BEAT

Like the Christmas tree in the center of Union Square or the lights at Embarcadero Center, the sight of adorable puppies and kittens has become synonymous with the holiday spirit in San Francisco.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown did the honors to unveil this year’s SPCA holiday pet adoption display at the Macy’s department store Friday afternoon in front of a crowd of spectators who wanted to be among the first to say hello to the animals. 

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[By Andrew Leonard | 17 Nov 2012 | One Comment]
Andrew Leonard / CALIFORNIA BEAT

Sentiments about the violent conflict on the Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestine spilled onto the streets of San Francisco late Friday afternoon in a spirited but peacceful protest in front of the Israeli consulate.

Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israel demonstrators chanted and waved banners at one another from opposite sides of Montgomery Street in the Financial District during the afternoon commute hour as part of Bay Area reaction to the conflict in Gaza.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 14 Nov 2012 | No Comments]
Shoppers enter the Safeway supermarket on College and Claremont Avenues. ANDREW LEONARD / CALIFORNIA BEAT

Neighbors of a Safeway store in Oakland’s Rockridge District have struck a deal with the company over a contentious proposal to tear down the existing location and build a much larger modern grocery store on the property.

Residents from the Oakland neighborhood, Berkeley, Safeway representatives and city councilwoman Jane Brunner held a 12-hour mediation session Nov. 8 to address long-held concerns about the project’s size and impact on neighborhood traffic.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 13 Nov 2012 | One Comment]
A cyclist is treated for injuries after falling off of a bike while drunk.

Police have decided not to charge the driver of the SUV who struck and killed a Novato girl on a busy street in October, the department announced Nov. 8. The girl, who had been riding on West Novato Boulevard, was hit head-on by the SUV and died after she was taken to a local trauma center.

The cause of the accident remains a mystery to investigators. At the time, it was only known the Hailey Ratliff, 12, was new to the area and may have been unfamiliar with the roads.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 12 Sep 2012 | No Comments]

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – Apple Inc. has announced the much-anticipated update to their iPhone line, the iPhone 5.

During a press event held in San Francisco, Apple showed off specifications and high-resolution pictures confirming months of rumors about the new iPhone.

Apple’s 6th iPhone boasts a unique improvement over prior incremental improvements: a new, 4-inch display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The larger “Retina” display boasts an impressive 1136×640 pixel resolution, nearing that of some of their notebook computers.

Other improvements to the line include a faster A6 processor, better battery life, better front- and rear-facing cameras, an additional microphone, better call audio quality, slimmer dimensions, and less weight (down to 112 grams from 140). Instead of glass, Apple is now using aluminum for the back casing, which should improve durability.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 22 Jul 2012 | No Comments]

9th Ave. & Irving St./ San Francisco

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[By Andrew Leonard | 3 Jun 2012 | One Comment]
Dancers take to the streets and draw crowds on Sunday. Andrew Leonard / CALIFORNIA BEAT


Families, couples, and friends perused the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District on Sunday during the monthly run of Sunday Streets. The event, held on the first Sunday of every month through August, begins at 11AM and has a scheduled end time of 4PM.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 20 May 2012 | No Comments]
A time-lapse view of the May 20, 2012 annular Solar Eclipse from Virgin, Utah. (Andrew Leonard/ CALIFORNIA BEAT)

VIRGIN, UTAH — Residents in Southern Utah were treated to front row seats during Sunday evening’s annular solar eclipse.

These time-lapse images depicting the “ring of fire” moment during the peak of the eclipse were photographed from Virgin, Utah, a small community 15 miles west of Zion National Park. 

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[By Andrew Leonard | 6 May 2012 | No Comments]
Sunset in Oakland

Oakland, Calif.

From the California Beat photography collection, Bay Area Snapshots is an occasional glimpse at daily life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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[By Andrew Leonard | 8 Sep 2011 | No Comments]

A protest at Powell Street BART station Thursday evening led to dozens of arrests and delayed commuters attempting to ride BART.

BART Police in riot gear lined the entrances to the station at approximately 5:30 p.m., denying entrance to the subterranean courtyard and entrance gates of Powell Street station. More than 30 people were detained, including up to a dozen journalists, the Beat has learned.