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[By California Beat | 15 Aug 2010 | One Comment]
The new temporary Transbay Terminal at Beale and Howard Sts. will be in use until the new permanent Transbay Center is built. (Photo by Vanessa Guerra/ CALIFORNIA BEAT)

Out with the old, in with the new, right?

Commuters are still adjusting to the new Temporary Transbay Terminal at Beale and Howard Sts. after the old Transbay Terminal closed for demolition two weeks ago. The temporary bus station will be the San Francisco connection point for AC Transit’s Transbay buses, WestCat, Golden Gate Transit, MUNI and SamTrans.

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[By Tim Jue and Vanessa Guerra | 2 Aug 2010 | 7 Comments]
The Transbay Terminal, photographed on its opening day in 1939, greeted thousands of spectators in this photograph. (TJPA Photo)

There will be no grand ceremony, no formal salute and few goodbye tears marking the end of an era.

This Friday, the Transbay Transit Terminal, the drab gray building occupying three blocks of Mission Street that is often ridiculed for its utilitarian appearance and colonization by San Francisco’s homeless population, will close for good.