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[By Tim Jue | 8 May 2015 | No Comments]
San Francisco-based Mindfulness Consultant Mark Coleman (center) brings calm into the airplane alongside British Airways cabin crew on the airline's World Traveller Plus section on its Airbus A380. (PHOTO BY NICK MORRISH/ BRITISH AIRWAYS FOR THE CALIFORNIA BEAT)

In the ever-so-stressful world of airline travel, British Airways has launched a new program to put the minds of its long-haul passengers at ease.

The man to help make it happen: Mark Coleman, a San Francisco-based mindfulness consultant who’s been asked by the airline to provide fliers on its newest Airbus A380 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets with meditation techniques for a relaxed and positive state of mind.

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[By Tim Jue | 30 Mar 2015 | No Comments]

In the highly competitive fight to win marketshare on the San Francisco to London route, British Airways may hold a key none of its competitors currently have: the world’s largest passenger jet.

The airline began flying its double-deck Airbus A380 between the two cities Sunday, a move British Airways officials said was done in response to increased travel demand from the booming technology sector in the Bay Area and in Great Britain.

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[By Steven Luo | 10 May 2011 | No Comments]
The Lufthansa A380 from Frankfurt arriving at SFO. (Steven Luo / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

Hundreds of VIPs and enthusiasts turned out at San Francisco International Airport Tuesday to mark the arrival of the first regularly scheduled Airbus A380 service at the airport.

Lufthansa flight 454 from Frankfurt, previously operated by a Boeing 747, is flown by the world’s largest commercial airliner starting Tuesday.