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[By Beat News Service | 4 Jul 2013 | No Comments]
A BART train passes through the empty West Oakland BART station, closed due to a strike. (Steven Luo / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

(7/4) – 2347 PDT — OAKLAND, CALIF. – BART workers will return to work Friday, bringing an end to a crippling strike that paralyzed Bay Area roadways, the agency and union leaders said Thursday night.

BART officials said train service will resume at 3 p.m. Friday in time for the San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park against the Los Angeles Dodgers at 7:15 p.m.

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[By Steven Luo | 3 Jul 2013 | No Comments]
Passengers wait for an AC Transit Transbay bus in Oakland during Tuesday afternoon's BART-strike-hit commute. (Steven Luo / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

Bay Area commuters faced crowded buses, ferries and freeways on the second day of the on-going work stoppage by the two unions representing BART’s train operators, station agents and mechanics.

Here’s our collection of photos of what Tuesday’s commute looked like, and what future commutes will probably resemble, until the transit district reaches a contract agreement with its unions.

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[By Beat News Service | 2 Jul 2013 | One Comment]
Gates bar the entrance to West Oakland BART station, closed due to a strike. (Steven Luo / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

At the urging of the state’s labor secretary, Bay Area leaders and other politicians, BART’s two striking unions and the transit agency returned to the bargaining table Tuesday night.

However, hours of talks facilitated by a state mediator were not enough to prevent the strike from entering a third day.

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[By California Beat | 1 Jul 2013 | No Comments]
An AC Transit bus off-loads passengers at a bus stop at the temporary Transit Center. (CALIFORNIA BEAT PHOTO)


With BART train operators and station agents going out on strike starting Monday morning, Bay Area traffic is going to be a mess. Plan to leave at least 90 minutes additional time to get to your destination.

We offer a guide to getting around the Bay Area as quickly as possible without BART.

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[By California Beat | 13 Aug 2009 | No Comments]

OAKLAND — After four months of failed negotiations with BART management, the union representing train operators and station agents announced yesterday its workers will strike.

Jessie Hunt, president for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555 announced at a press conference that the union will go on strike effective Sunday evening at the close of business. Hunt made the announcement after the BART Board of Directors voted unanimously Thursday afternoon to impose a one-year contract on the union members after talks between the two sides broke down the previous night.

BART Board President Thomas Blalock called the decision “a regrettable but necessary step” in light of BART’s deteriorating financial situation. The transit agency is facing a $310 million budget shortfall over the next four years and hopes to trim labor costs by $100 million over that period.