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[By Nathan Wyss | 24 Nov 2012 | One Comment]
US Congressman George Miller joins OUR Walmart strikers at the store in Richmond, Calif. (Nathan Wyss/ CALIFORNIA BEAT PHOTO)

Amid the Black Friday shopping frenzy, workers, protesters, labor groups launched what they called a nationwide strike against big box retailer Walmart in protest of the company’s treatment of employees.

The company said the strikes, which took place at select stores around the country, were “made for TV” events attended largely by non-Walmart employees.

Insight »

[By California Beat | 22 Dec 2008 | No Comments]

Well the holiday season is here once again and just about everywhere you can find some references to it. Stores featuring holiday shopping sales, radio stations playing Christmas song after Christmas song, and just about every community has some sort of decorated tree standing and lit up. This can especially be seen in some of the larger cities where holiday setups border more on tourist traps than actual celebratory ornaments.

Looking around, it seems that most people are getting into the spirit of things. That is most people except me.