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[By Tim Jue | 1 Jul 2016 | No Comments]
San Jose Vice Mayor Cindy Chavez joins Lufthansa executives and airport staff to welcome a new non-stop flight to Frankfurt, Germany. (DLH Photo)

SAN JOSE CALIF. — Mineta San Jose International Airport expanded its roster of international flights again Friday when it welcomed a non-stop service from Frankfurt, Germany on Lufthansa.

The flight will operate five days a week on a Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 with 18 Business Class seats, 19 premium economy seats and 261 economy seats. 

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[By Steven Luo | 10 May 2011 | No Comments]
The Lufthansa A380 from Frankfurt arriving at SFO. (Steven Luo / CALIFORNIA BEAT)

Hundreds of VIPs and enthusiasts turned out at San Francisco International Airport Tuesday to mark the arrival of the first regularly scheduled Airbus A380 service at the airport.

Lufthansa flight 454 from Frankfurt, previously operated by a Boeing 747, is flown by the world’s largest commercial airliner starting Tuesday.