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How to Pick the Best Essay Writing Services 

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Students know that the educational process is quite exhausting, given many tests and assignments. That is why it is always difficult for first-year students to adapt to new conditions. The problem is that this process can take months, and you don’t want to put up with low grades.

That is why you should pay attention to writing services. The fact is that academic assistance is an opportunity to say no to stress and constant mental exhaustion. But how to choose a reliable company? Here are the key aspects you should focus on.

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Check the Year of Registration

There is nothing wrong with ordering a paper from a site created half a year ago. But this criterion is of strategic importance for students. If a company has been successfully operating on the market for years, this is a good sign for new customers. Usually, you can find out the year of registration in the site’s footer. In other words, this is only the first criterion that you should pay attention to.

Read Honest Reviews

The second stage is the analysis of all the reviews that you find on the Internet. As a rule, some sites allow you to find out all the registration stages, payment for orders, and other details. For example, you should first read the detailed academized.com review before creating an account on the site. You can even ignore such websites if you find out the whole truth.

In addition, you should visit review aggregators such as SiteJabber and TrustPilot as an extra precaution. Do not trust sites that contain only positive reviews without any details about the quality of the assignments. Concentrate on those popular websites and forums and have a good reputation. Also, you can even watch video reviews on YouTube if you trust the bloggers and their opinion.

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Spend Ten Minutes Chatting With Support Agents

Pay attention to this tip, as you can weed out over 60% of writing services in just 10 minutes. To begin with, you should prepare questions that are relevant to share with you. Most unreliable companies hire support agents to attract new customers. Even though their main task is to motivate you to spend money, some companies develop hundreds of user cases. Ask a couple of non-standard questions, and you will immediately understand the level of competence of support agents.

Unreliable companies will never answer tricky questions. If you don’t get a reasonable answer within 10 minutes, you should look for another website. Another tricky question concerns legal information, the name of the company’s owner, and any registration certificates. Pay attention to how support agents react to such uncomfortable questions. Usually, scam companies try to ignore such topics completely. If you see how a support agent tries to avoid answering, you should choose an alternative site.

Check Out the “About Us” Page

Usually, this page contains all the legal information (the official name of the company or the names of the owners). It’s best to trust a company that isn’t afraid to provide a few details. You probably want to know who you are dealing with. As a rule, many companies add at least basic information.

If you do not see anything to identify the owner’s company, then such a site is not worth your attention. Sometimes you won’t even find such a page on some writing services websites. That is why you should always have alternative options. Do not trust those who have something to hide. Honest companies do not try to deceive customers.

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Download a Couple of Samples

Samples are regular essays, research papers, and articles available free of charge to students. Surely you have seen such examples at least once on the sites. All these samples are intended to show the level of professionalism of the writers. That is why you can consider such papers as a portfolio.

If the quality of assignments is terrible, you should urgently find an alternative. However, even good samples do not always guarantee the perfect quality, so you should still rely on the above tips. In addition, you can even visit reddit and read the reviews of those people who have already ordered some assignments.

Order a Short Essay

Let’s say you found an interesting writing service but still have some doubts. Maybe you should order a 2-page essay or something like that. Such a life hack is ideal for those skeptical about reviews and who want to avoid doubts. A small essay is an opportunity to find out how well writers can handle all your requirements.

In case of failure, you will lose only a couple of tens of dollars. Such a risk is justified, especially if you trust only your eyes. Such a strategy is similar to rapid combat to identify the enemy’s strengths. In 99.9% of cases, you will be able to understand whether to trust the chosen company for the second time.

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Check the Refund & Revision Policies

Most writing services have a page that details the refund terms if customers are unhappy with the final result. The second aspect is revision policy. Surely you will be disappointed if the company you have chosen does not provide such services. Read the conditions carefully because even one vague wording can become an obstacle on the way to revisions or refunds.

Most honest companies always detail the terms and conditions, so you don’t have to spend much time interpreting every offer. Sometimes the official refunds and revisions pages can seem perfect at first glance. But you should pay attention to the notes at the very end. Typically, companies indicate that the current rules are subject to change without notice to customers, even after paying for the order. These services cannot be trusted!

Final Words

Choosing an honest company is not an easy task as there are many aspects to consider. At the same time, all the above tips will help you cut your search time by at least half. Follow all the points, and you will certainly find a company that you can trust. You need to be guided by logic and common sense.