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Why There’s Hope for the Future of the Environment

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When you see natural disasters happening, it’s easy to feel helpless. You believe that everything is over and the environment already got damaged beyond repair. While the impact of these problems can lead to a sense of helplessness, the truth is there’s still a way out. If we do something about the issue now, we can turn things around. Here’s why there’s hope for our future.

Many leaders change their position on environmental problems

It’s a good thing to see leaders starting to soften on environmental issues. Back then, they were apathetic. They didn’t care if people or companies destroyed the environment. These days, they become more concerned. They also take bold actions to legislate and prevent people from damaging the environment.

Even if these regulations have harsh consequences on the community, they decide to do what’s right. Since only top leaders can enact these changes, their decision can have a significant impact. Let’s take the Paris Climate Accord as an example. Who would imagine that leaders from almost all countries will unite to agree to reduce their carbon footprint? Their countries have differences in many ways, but they came together to change reality. It’s a good sign, and it makes all of us hopeful.

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Progress is visible

It’s also a good thing that we see visible progress. Back then, the hole in the ozone layer was a huge deal. People thought it could spell the end of planet Earth due to its impact on the atmosphere. Since we did the right thing, we barely talk about this issue as it no longer matters. The point is that if we come together to solve a significant problem, it’s possible. Even organizations that help protect the environment already helped create lasting changes.

We don’t even have to go far and look at what’s happening in your own home. Back then, we didn’t care about recycling. People threw their trash in the same container. Now, we already understand how important it is to segregate our trash and recycle some materials. We even work with companies like langleyrecyclingkc.com to help deal with trash disposal. The changes we started at home can go a long way.

People can feel the impact

As they say, it’s not easy to understand what’s going on until it happens to you. When natural disasters come close to home, many people feel the need to change. They know that if the reality doesn’t get reversed, they will be on the losing edge. Calamities already led to the loss of properties and lives. Unfortunately, we had to wait until these things happened, but that’s where we are.

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Companies are doing their share

Another reason to be hopeful about the environment is that we see several companies going green. They do it because they understand that potential customers prefer businesses that take action to support the environment. They also like companies that are sincere in their efforts to fight global warming, including how they operate the business. With these companies pulling their weight, we can see progress. But, of course, everything happens because ordinary people made their voices clear regarding these issues. Surprisingly, even car and oil companies are already calling for actions to prevent more natural disasters. It shows that for many of them, it’s not only about money. We live in the same world, and it doesn’t matter where you are. Once disaster strikes, anyone can be a victim.

Young people are getting involved

When you talk to some older people, they might not be too empathetic about environmental concerns. They will tell you how they lived their lives back in the day. However, younger people believe otherwise. They see these problems and understand the need to do something. They also receive constant reminders that their future is on the line.

Even when polled, younger voters believe that solving environmental problems is a must. We should feel hopeful about this change in attitude. If the next generation sees how critical the problem is, they will do something to prevent things from getting worse. As mature adults who understand the situation, it’s our duty to ensure that our children see the severity of the problem. Educating them at home is an excellent start.

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We become less dependent on fossil fuels

Back then, it was challenging to go against the use of fossil fuels. They’re important in almost everything that we do. However, these days, fossil fuels are no longer the only source of energy. We can also rely on alternative sources such as wind and solar. Since these options have a lower carbon footprint, they’re better than natural gas. It’s good news that we no longer depend on one energy source alone. When governments worldwide express support for alternative sources, more people feel encouraged to support the efforts. For instance, some countries incentivize people who decide to install solar panels. Through tax deductions and financial aid, many households consider switching to solar energy.

There’s hope, and we can’t let it go

It’s easy to feel desperate with what’s going on around the world right now. When you see how people become severely impacted by global warming, you might think it’s over. The truth is there’s hope. If we do our share, changes are possible. We still have a long way to go, but we will get there. Besides, hope is the only thing we can hold on to. We only have this planet and nowhere to go when it’s no longer habitable. Sure, some rocket scientists consider the possibility of life elsewhere. While we appreciate their efforts, we should focus first on improving what we have now. Since we still have time to change, we have to make the most of it.

At home, talk to your children and let them feel the gravity of the problems faced. They won’t understand at first, but you can educate them in many ways. It also helps if you enroll them in schools that are passionate about teaching students how to care for the environment.