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What Is The Leading Cause of Teenage Depression?

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It is common for teenagers to have occasional mood changes, which come as a result of their struggles and challenges. However, in case that it becomes more drastic, it might cause anxiety and depression, which are serious problems of modern society. While being in a bad mood doesn’t mean that someone is having this mental issue, depression will create a state of mind where people can constantly feel nervous and miserable. This condition can become even worse over time, which is the main reason why you should always try to help people around you if you notice they are having such struggles.

On the other side, it is not easy to detect this problem. People can try to hide their depression and manage to do that for years. However, the main issue is that the problem will become bigger over time. In that matter, it is very important to speak more about this problem in society and motivate people with anxiety and depression to work on solving these issues.

First off, it is essential to educate people more about this condition and help them to make the right moves when they notice that someone around them is struggling with it. The main reason for that is that wrong moves might make the problem even bigger. Therefore, always contact an expert for proper advice for the best approach that will motivate the person to seek help. You can click here to read more about teenage treatment.
Furthermore, you should know more about the main causes of it, which are not the same as for adults but could represent a base for prolonged mental issues that could last for whole life. People with depression find it much harder to cope with regular things in life like work, social interactions, finding the motivation to progress, and more.

There were over 50 suicides last year only in the US last years, and most of these cases are related to depression. We can stop this problem by spreading education about it and trying to find better ways of helping them. The first step is to understand the causes, and we are going to introduce you to them in the following article.

Physical Appearance

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We are all aware of what global media are serving us for a long time, especially when it comes to modern trends and physical appearance. There are some models of beauty that are widely accepted today. However, we all know that being in excellent shape, being beautiful, tall, skinny, and more. While some of these factors are recommended, especially proper weight and self-care, a lot of people today find it challenging to go to the gym regularly or to control their unhealthy habits.

When it comes to teenagers, it is most common for them to try to fit into these popular models. However, not managing to appear attractive may increase the chances of developing depression. An even bigger problem if their appearance makes them less accepted in their environment.

Low Confidence

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Moreover, not being satisfied with your appearance can affect low confidence. Also, some other factors might result in it as well, such as the lack of ability to communicate properly with others. Some teens might be shy or not interested in the same trends as people around them. That might lead others to avoid them more often. That can create a behavior where people will become more isolated and less interested in social interaction with people of their age.

In that matter, if you notice that your kid is spending too much time in the room, and you rarely see him with friends, the best way is to have a conversation and try to speak with it about any certain issue. It is essential to have a proper approach, especially because most teens will try to hide this problem. Also, a lot of them might not even be aware of their depression in the beginning.

Digital Technology

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We can notice a huge increase in teen depression from the 90s. A lot of people are relating that to the expansion of the internet and video games. While games represent a great way to spend your free time and entertain with friends, modern models require less social interaction, at least public one, and allow people to play online. Gaming addiction became a serious issue in recent years, and focusing only on this virtual world can also be one of the causes of depression. On the other side, we have to mention social media as well.

The trend is to try to represent yourself in the best way on these platforms by sharing interesting pictures and videos. However, it is affecting the image of people about life and causes them to be more active when it comes to public interaction with others. It can subconsciously lead to depression. An even bigger issue is harassment over social media, which is present among teens.

It is not a rare case that some people who are not following the most recent trends, don’t share too much of their private life, or don’t have money to travel to various destinations more often will be less popular on social networks. However, it is essential to educate people that it is much better to start improving social life by hanging out with people in public rather than chatting with them online.

Last Words

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You have to be aware of the side-effects of this mental state, such as changed behavior, difficulties in coping with regular things in life, being less interested in meeting other people, and more. There are some even more serious downsides. It is proven that people with depression are more likely to start abusing drugs and alcohol.

IN that matter, if you notice some changes in people around you, like lack of energy, avoiding other people more often, losing or gaining weight rapidly, and being sad all the time, you should try to speak with them and ask about their current struggles. Also, the best method is to try to recommend them to visit a professional who can help them in the best way.