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6 Modern-Day Taboos – 2024 Review

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The word taboo comes from a Polynesian language group, more specifically from the island of Tonga, and was introduced into English by James Cook. When an English explorer arrived on the shores of this island, the islanders would point with their hands at sacred objects that should not be touched and shouted to newcomers: taboo!

Thus, the original meaning of the word referred to sacred objects whose touching an ordinary mortal would bring great misfortune to his neck.

Today, the word has multiple meanings, and explaining its meaning demands it has always been complicated and raises many social issues. Taboo always establishes itself in relation to the social group.

On the other hand, with expressive boldness and free spirit, the desire to overcome it is still to some extent awakened in people and everyday life, and it seems that the slow but progressive path manages to break through shaky, closed minds and open a new horizon in understanding these ‘forbidden topics’.

Taboo used to change

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Also, there are more and more supporters of the view that they should stand up for their own views, encourage the spread of right choices, and abolish taboos. This means that it is changeable, and what is taboo today may not be tomorrow.

We have an example with wigs. How did wigs stop being taboo? Today, it is quite normal to wear wigs. While women used to be ashamed of having to wear wigs because of a scalp or, worse, chemotherapy today, they can talk about their hair much more openly and confidently, whether they are real or not, and are empowered to play with themselves with their looks and choose the most beautiful way to regain their beauty and femininity.

Modern-day taboos:

Breastfeeding in public and / or with older children

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When we know that breast milk is the only baby food that delivers exceptionally good things for mom and baby, that it contains nutritious and medicinal ingredients for baby’s growth and development, that breastfeeding is good for mom too, then there is no reason for breastfeeding to be taboo.

However, breastfeeding a baby in a public place and how it catches the eye of the public and opinions differ. That is how this becomes the taboo of today. The basic criticism of breastfeeding in public is that it is uncomfortable for the environment to see the naked breast while the baby is breastfeeding. Many members of society will cite arguments about indecency, inappropriateness and unnecessary breastfeeding in a public place.

Breastfeeding has always caused controversy from the Middle Ages to the present day, but there have always been women who put their baby’s interest first, regardless of environmental suggestions, and thus found themselves targets of condemnation.

In colonial North America, it was common occurrence. This meant breastfeeding in any public area whenever the baby requested it. Whether the mom was in the market or on the street, her mother breastfed her baby without scaring the Puritans.

Sex dolls

Sex dolls represent the highest level of craftsmanship and are stunning with their realistic appearance. They can cost over $ 7,500, and their creators advertise them, not as sexual objects, but as ideal partners for whom it is possible to feel love.

The skeleton of unusually convincing sex aids, weighing just over 25 pounds, is made of aluminum and steel alloys, a torso filled with urethane foam, and leather made of soft vinyl or, in most high-end models, silicone.

Young, of straight lines, of perfect proportions, with unobtrusive makeup and tasteful hairstyles, and even more meek, gentle and very quiet – perfect beauty. Buyers, depending on which basic model they have chosen, have the opportunity to choose, according to the size of the torso, from several different types of heads, that is, faces and hairstyles. Moreover, you can choose breast size, vagina type and skin and nipple color.

In addition to their incredibly realistic appearance, these dolls are also characterized by high mobility of the head, pelvis and limbs and durability – in conditions of less wear they can “live” for more than ten years. And for the highest quality and most expensive products, a mold made using real women’s face and body prints is used, like ones offered by www.kanadoll.com. There are now even public houses that rent out “love dolls” to customers for a limited time.


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Masturbation is normal sexual behavior and moreover, it is healthy and important because it lowers tension and helps both men and women get to know their body and their reactions better. Almost everyone does, but they don’t talk about it, some don’t, but most people do suddenly when discussing this topic, and mostly resorts to ignoring it.

But it is something not talked about. Mostly. Female masturbation is far more taboo than male. Although the number of women masturbating is increasing, it is very likely that they do not masturbate as often as men, precisely because they are taught to be “good girls” and because of feelings of guilt. They are usually perceived as naughty and sexually promiscuous.

Showing childbirth in Hollywood

Recall how Hollywood actress Hilary Duff became a girl’s mom at the end of October 2018. The actress posted with her 11 million followers on Instagram an amazing video of a tub birth, and this footage has generated a lot of comment. In just a few days, more than four million people viewed the video, and 22,000 commented on it.

For one group of people, this is the most natural thing that could have happened and then be shown. On the other hand, there are those who say it is too intimate to turn into a video circulating the internet. A lot of people are quite upset with the fact that all the details of childbirth are visible.


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One man’s marriage to multiple women or vice versa is called polygamy. In Islam, men are allowed to have a maximum of four women, provided that they are treated equally. Although polygamy is permissible in most Muslim countries except Tunisia and Turkey, this practice is not common.

In some countries, polygamy is recognized as a legally permitted community, and in some civilizations it is even a standard norm of conduct. However, in most countries polygamy is quite controversial, even banned.

Numerous Islamic religions practice that a man has more women, but that he is obliged to take care of each of them, while group marriage, as one we can see in current Netflix primetime documentary “Tiger King”, is the rarest form of polygamy.


Cannibalism is as old as civilization, and probably older. It is ancient, but as recent cases show, it is also a modern practice. Historically wrapped in mystery, symbolism, fear and speculation, cannibalism remains one of the ultimate taboos in most cultures.

Cannibalism is a practice that spans centuries and occurs in various cultures where it is often considered ferocity and sacrilege but also a sacred and revered custom. Motivations for cannibalism vary by culture and situation and cannot be easily categorized.


Whether you see this taboo list as a problem or socially acceptable, know who and what you can talk about. It’s not the same as talking to a good friend, colleague at work, or someone you’ve just met. Also, do you think men and women have the same taboo topics? Mostly not. Their taboo topics differ in most cases.