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Online Casinos vs Land Based – Advantages of Playing at Home

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Casino games are tons of fun, especially when you had a stressful day and you’re just looking for something to take your mind off the things that happened earlier.

Ever since casinos were introduced to the public, people were immediately hooked. There’s just something special when you’re playing a game and you have a chance to win some money as well.

The internet and online casinos

As technology keeps evolving, everything changes, and the same thing applies to casinos as well. When the internet became something that every single person has access to it, people came up with a brilliant idea.

Why force people to go at a land-based casino in order to play, when they can do it from the safety and comfort of their own home? This is how online casinos were born, and it is pretty much safe to say that nowadays they are slowly becoming more popular than real ones.

If you are a person that never played at an online casino, you’re probably not aware of all the benefits, but worry not, we’re here to help you learn some more. If you’re a casino enthusiast, but you think that going to a land-based one every single day is a waste of time and car fuel, make sure to read until the end and you might change your mind very soon.

No pressure – The Mind Factor

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When you’re playing at a land-based casino, you have tons of other people standing right next to you and watching your every move. Of course, this is not the case when you’re playing Poker or Blackjack, but while you’re at the roulette or the slots, there are just way too many “spectators” that you don’t really need.

Sometimes this can cloud your thinking and you might make a mistake, which can be something that separates you from winning some nice money or going home with an empty pocket.

While you’re playing from home, you can take your time and think as much as you want. You can process all of the strategies that you have and carefully carry out every single one of your moves.

No wasting time – Staying economic

Not everyone has a land-based casino right next to their doorstep, unless you’re living in Vegas, but that’s an entirely different case. Let’s say that you work about five kilometers away from the nearest casino.

If you have to drive there every single day, and then drive back home, you’re already wasting a lot of time and car-fuel as well, so even if you end up winning something, you’ll quickly realize that what you spent on gas is far more than your winnings. It’s not economic at all.

Playing whenever you can

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When you go at a “real” casino, you have to sit down at a table, play a couple of hands and then leave if you’re out of money or you just don’t want to play anymore. Or, there’s another scenario when you get to the casino and there’s no room at your favorite game because it is overcrowded, so you have to leave or waste even more time waiting.

With online casinos this will never be the case, and you will be able to play a game immediately when you want to. Also, if you want to get lunch or do anything in the meantime, you can stop where you’re at and continue anytime you want. If this already sounds appealing and you want to see how something like this really looks like, feel free to visit c9bets.com.

Higher safety

Now, we don’t want to sound like a detective out of a crime movie, but it’s always a bit dangerous to leave a land-based casino after hundreds of people saw you winning a huge sum of money. You’ll have to carry this all by yourself, and if you don’t really leave nearby, it can be a problem. With online casinos, you can win thousands of dollars and they are immediately deposited into your bank account, meaning that nobody can reach them.

What’s even better? Nobody really knows that you won a single dime because you can play under an alias, so only you and the casino know the truth about who you really are. Don’t forget to pay your taxes though.

Broader choice of games

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If you are the “traditional type” of a casino player, it means that you’re not really looking for anything more than a roulette or a Poker table, but some of the newer generations will not be satisfied with this.

The gaming industry is going far, and casino games are getting better and improved as well. Long gone are the times when you had to play a very monotonous game on the slots and just hoping that you’ll hear the sound of winning something.

Today, there are tons of different slot games that are improved and better than ever, but they might not be available at land-based casinos, simply because it’s hard to get a slot machine for every type of a game out there.

Online casinos have them all, and when a new game comes out, it can usually be found at a place like this first, and a couple of months later at a land-based location. If you want to be a step ahead of everyone else, this is the right way of doing it.

You get free entry-bonuses

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Sure, this is a thing in many other land-based casinos as well, but you have to visit each one of them in order to get all of the bonuses, and by doing this you’re making an even bigger expense. Visiting multiple websites doesn’t cost you anything though, so if you want, you can collect free entry-bonuses on many different sites and play with them.

They’re great if you want to learn how things work before you start depositing some of your money, and we think that this is a great feature to encourage newer players to try some of the games they’re unfamiliar with.

You can play with friends

Many online casinos will offer you bonuses if you recruit a few people to play. By using the recruitment system you will be able to earn some extra money from the casino, and you also get to share the fun with your friends. How cool is that?