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The Most Popular Flowers in Israel

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The nature of a country speaks for its own without saying a word. Israel is famous for many things. Still, their pride and symbol of the country are definitely their people and the nature around them.

Such an organized country deserves recognition for the prevention of its natural enheartens. Dealing with many obstacles that tend to occur in their region, Israel still has one of the most stunning natures in the world.

One of the treasures that their wildlife offers is their impressive list of flowers. Here are a few examples of the most popular flowers in Israel known to the world.

Tulipa systole

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We start our list of famous flowers from Israel with Tulipa systole, also known as Desert Tulip. Herbs in this country represent the character of the people who live there.

Besides its red fairy color and eye catching the first effect, the Desert Tulip has even more value to the local population meaning. The Tulipa systole is a symbol of absolutely perfect love and fame. The hidden secret that people all over the world are in everyday search for a flower that can honestly tell their love story.

In Israel, the declaration of eternal love and commitment is connected with having the Desert Tulip by their side. The translation of Red tulips is “Believe me,” and that is why they are a declaration of love.

The Cyclaman

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Probably the recently most known flower from Israel is their national pride and their national flower (since 2007), The Cyclaman.

There is no one to compare it to, say the people of Israel when they elected The Cyclaman as the national flower of Israel. Such a delicate and specific flower in the harsh nature of the county should present a story of hidden beauty in the places you were not hoping to find them.

Cyclaman is the product of development under the tubers of 23 types of perennials, with exceptional upswept petals and flowers. Such a rear species in these conditions deserves admiration for its visual look from all people.

The Negev

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Frankly speaking, this is the closest you can get to the visual resemblance with the first option on our list, Tulipa systole. The Negev poses that eye catching appearance and are flowers that are easy to remember.

The majority of people are not too excited about this choice, but it has made our list because of the endurance it can offer in the wild.

Only a few carefully chosen species would survive in the conditions where you can find the Negev flower. Still, neither one is close to its memorizing color and the first impression it gets. For more information about unique flowers, click here.

Sabra Cactus

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Sabra Cactus is a unique and unusual flower to start with. Although its visual effect is not as attractive as the previous members on the list, it poses the beauty from the inside. Rough and robust from the outside gives away the picture of a flower to walk away.

Still, this Sabra Cactus blooms with its flowers for only 24houres. Then you can see a picture of transformation into a unique beauty soon to vanish into a rough and robust flower again. This is one of a kind flower in Israel that deserves to be included on any top list of extraordinary flowers.

Alcea Setosa

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The mentioned flower is common all over Israel and recognizable in soft pink color and round shape of the petals. People have the saying that where you find Alcea Setosa, you are sure to find populated area because of the fertile land.

This flower is also known as a member of the ornamental plant family of Malvaceae. Such large pink flowers are present in large numbers and across the whole country, which makes it one of the Israels favorite ones.

Practical flowers because of their endurance have made them a frequent member of the majority of households in Israel.

Awake Flowers

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Awake flowers still represent a hidden gem of Israel. Known in the people as the flowers on the eastern gate of the Golden Gate Jerusalem, it still has admirers all over the world.

Because of the famous Garden Gethsemane Jerusalem or the Temple Mount Golden Gate historical value to the people in Israel and all over the globe, Awake flowers are considered as national treasures also.

Years and centuries have gone by, the Golden Gate is still standing with the Awake flowers together to tell the stores they witnessed. White petals of the herb have been a decor of the famous Garden Gethsemane Jerusalem for centuries and will be for centuries to come.


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One of the most common flowers in Israel is Lillies. It may sound like an understandable and straightforward flower. Still, to people of Israel, this is a must-have in your garden option.

Recognizable in the garden or as decor on a suit, Lilles has been the preferred choice from the majority of people in terms when attending weddings and similar manifestations. Throughout history, Lilles has been associated with the celebration and occasions that are messengers of good news.

The cultural heritage of Israel has kept the belief and the connection with Lilles as a necessary part of their celebration, which will be transferred to the generations to come. An excellent example of protection of the national flower with tradition.

Wild Rose

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Wild Rose is a rare flower in Israel and a top choice on our list. Widespread in the nation for years as a flower that demands attention but offers elegance in simplicity that is for every respect. Present in red, white, and pink color of their petals in the northern parts of Israel. Usually, a clear favorite for romantic occasions due to the sophisticated look it possesses.

We hope that this article has helped you see and realize the enormous potential Israel natural flowers have. Note, we have only mentioned a few examples of popular flowers in the country and recommend experiencing them live if you have the opportunity.