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Where Online Soccer Betting Is The Most Popular?

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While in the past betting may have been illegal in most countries, even more, online betting, today this industry has been constantly growing all around the world. More and more players have started to put down their wagers on hundreds of different sports online. It has become such a popular activity because it can bring you tons of entertainment, a reason to follow and learn more about sport and can even increase your income if you manage to win. Countries decided that betting should be completely legal because they realized the potential it has. They also get huge tax profits from bookmakers and online betting websites. In other words, it is a win-win situation for every participant in the betting world.

With so many sports available to bet on and just at the tip of your fingers, online betting websites have become one of the best ways to gamble and to have fun.

There is one thing that has seriously influenced the betting world to grow and its none other than soccer. Soccer is a multi-billion dollar sport and business that is growing every single day. There are hundreds of transactions that are worth over 50 million dollars, the transaction between teams, companies, and marketing. Just consider how much money is offered when there are advertisements for one of the biggest companies in the world. The FIFA world cup has been sponsored by companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony and hundreds of other huge conglomerates on television with more than 3 billion viewers.

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With so much money revolving around this sport, it is normal that every other industry wants to cash in on this hype too. The betting industry made the great decision to focus on soccer betting and its probably the number one reason why it has grown these last two decades.

With today’s technology, almost everyone is on the Internet constantly, whether through their laptops, computers at home, smartphones in their pockets or tablets. This means that online bet websites can be accessed from almost anywhere. Have you ever missed that one match you were certain you were going to win but didn’t get on time to a bookie? Well, thanks to the Internet, you can easily place a bet on your favorite soccer team at any time of the day. Just pull out your phone, visit any of those online gambling websites and put a wager. This accessibility is what has made online soccer betting so popular all around the world.

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Here are some of the places where online soccer betting is the most popular.

Italians love soccer and also love gambling

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It is no secret that Italy is very famous for its successful and one of the greatest teams in soccer such as Juventus F.C., Inter Milan, A.C. Milan, SS Lazio and a lot more. However, Italians also love to bet on sports, especially on soccer because of their connection with the Serie A soccer league. This is when Italy feels a huge increase in online soccer betting, and also during the UEFA Champion’s League. According to the latest statistics, Italy has seen more than 1.5 billion US dollars of revenue in gambling and 60% has been online bets for soccer. This really shows how much Italians love their sport and their teams.

Norway may be limited in betting options, but they still love it

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Norway probably has one of the strictest rules when it comes to gambling, which means they do not have a lot of freedom to choose where and who to bet on. Fortunately, Norway has a few legal gambling websites that allow them to easily place bets on their favorite soccer teams. Even with so many restrictions, Norway still managed to bring in a gambling revenue of over $5 billion just a couple of years ago.

The second-largest country by population, India

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While India has just recently started legalizing various gambling rules, because of its huge population of more than 1.3 billion people, they rank up high when it comes to online betting. Indians surely love European soccer and they prove that with their total gambling revenue of 100 billion US dollars. It is believed that in just a few years, the total revenue will grow at least three times its amount.

The United Kingdom also loves its soccer

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The United Kingdom is also home to one of the most popular soccer teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and many more. The love for soccer in this nation is huge, which results in huge interest in online betting. According to the UK Gambling Commission, the total gambling revenue is estimated to be somewhere around seven billion dollars, mostly being from online betting.

Other countries that are worth mentioning when it comes to online betting include France, the United States, Ireland, Finland, and Australia.