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Hayward memorial honors fallen Alameda County heroes


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Tucked away in the back of Hayward’s Lone Tree Cemetery is a special memorial. This memorial isn’t dedicated to any one individual or to any specific event, but instead it is dedicated to remembering the names of Alameda County’s fallen heroes. Sadly, the Fallen Officer and Firefighter Memorial carries a list of names that is still being added to today.

Lone Tree Cemetery is located at 24591 Fairview Ave. The memorial is located at the newly developed area at the back of the cemetery.

Erected by the Martin C. Kauffman Alameda County One Hundred Club in 2008, the Fallen Officer and Firefighter memorial honors the police officers and firefighters who have given their lives in the line of duty. On one side of the memorial is the touching poem, “The Monument,” written by Sgt. George Hahn (Ret.) of the Los Angeles Police Department. On the other side are the inscribed names of fallen officers and firefighters from Alameda County, starting from 1973.


These are the names of the officers and firefighters who are remembered:

Off. David George Guider – Oakland Police Department – October 2, 1973

Off. David John Branhan – Oakland Police Department – February 7, 1974

Off. David Edward Marks – Oakland Police Department – February 7, 1974

Off. Paul F. George – East Bay Regional Parks Police – June 4, 1974

Off. Kenneth L. McGregor – East Bay Regional Parks Police – June 4, 1974

Chief William M. Cann – Union City Police Department – August 29, 1974

Off. David William Jones – Fremont Police Department – June 6, 1976

Lt. William Elliott – Oakland Fire Department – January 17, 1979

Off. Michael J. Faulkner – Oakland Police Department – June 27, 1981

Off. Ramon Irizarry Jr. – Oakland Police Department – January 18, 1983

Off. Robert James Davey Jr. – Alameda Police Department – March 3, 1983

Off. Chesley A. Stephens – Oakland Police Department – November 13, 1984

Dep. Sheriff Richard Walter Blancher – Alameda County Sheriff’s Department – February 23, 1986

Off. Timothy Joseph Smith – Fremont Police Department – January 2, 1987

Off. Benjamin Warren Worcester – Hayward Police Department – March 25, 1987

Firefighter Lance Petersen – Oakland Fire Department – November 1, 1990

Capt. Timothy Dale Baird – Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Fire – December 19, 1990

Off. John William Grubensky – Oakland Police Department – October 20, 1991

Battalion Chief James Merle Riley Jr. – Oakland Fire Department – October 19, 1990

Off. William Blea Grijalva – Oakland Police Department – December 15, 1993

Off. Miguel T. Soto – Oakland Police Department – June 22, 1994

Off. Timothy B. Howe – Oakland Unified School District Police Department – April 14, 1995

Off. Keith Stephen Konopasek – Oakland Police Department – July 8, 1995

Lt. Herbert Berkeley Stovall Jr. – Peralta Community College District Police Department – August 16, 1995

Firefighter Richard Sanders – Oakland Fire Department – January 15, 1997

Dep. Sheriff John Paul Monego – Alameda County Sheriff’s Department – December 12, 1998

Off. James Williams Jr. – Oakland Police Department – January 10, 1999

Firefighter Tracey Toomey – Oakland Fire Department – January 10, 1999

Lt. William Maloy – California Highway Patrol – November 8, 1999

Detective William Alberto Wilkins – Oakland Police Department – January 12, 2001

Firefighter Sekou Turner – Alameda County Fire Department – May 22, 2002

Off. William Seuis – Oakland Police Department – July 22, 2004

Off. Nels Daniel Niemi – San Leandro Police Department – July 25, 2005

Off. Brent William Clearman – California Highway Patrol – August 6, 2006

Off. John Miller – California Highway Patrol – November 16, 2007


At the time of our visit, thirty-five names were on the monument. Soon, four more names from the Oakland Police Department will be added to this memorial: Sgt. Mark Dunkin, Sgt. Ervin Romans, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, and Off. John Hege.

Perhaps the last lines of Sgt. Hahn’s poem say it best:

I never dreamed it would be me;

And with a heavy heart and bended knee;

I ask for all here from the past;

Dear God, let my name be the last.


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  • lisa said:

    This brings tears to my eyes. My dad is listed on this Ben Worcester 1987. It helps to know that his sacrafice of life is not forgoten.

  • Dede said:

    My father was Edward Marks we lived in Oakland Calif. I was born in 1958. My father was killed when I was 3. I knew I had a brother from my fathers first marriage. I came across this of Officer David Edward Marks while searching to find any info. on my father. Curious if we might be related. Anyone who knew Officer David Edward Marks personally, please contact me.
    With sincere sympathy to family of this brave man.

  • Jeff Schulken said:

    I served with Ben Worsester (“Sauce” as he was known) in the US Navy. He was an awesome man. We not only spent time together overseas but also commuted back and forth from Naval Air Station Lemoore as we both lived in the bay area. I’ll never forget the sacrifice he made for all of us to live safer lives.

  • Carrie Eichman said:

    Benjamin Worcester was my boyfriend. By the time I got to the hospital he was already gone. I never got to say goodbye. Visiting the memorial makes me glad to know he has not be forgotten. I still miss him after all these years.

  • Chris said:

    My mother knew Benji Worcester thru her work at St. Rose. She thought he was a fine young man and grieved when he was killed.

    I’m heartglad that he and the other officers who gave their lives to protect others are honoured with this memorial.