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10 Bitcoin Millionaires

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If you did not know Bitcoin is a digital currency, used and distributed only electronically. It is not controlled by an individual institution or person. Bitcoins cannot be printed and their quantity is very limited – only 21 million of it can be created. 

Bitcoin’s main advantage is its independence from world governments, banks, and corporations. No government can interfere with BTC transactions, impose fees on them or take people’s money. Moreover, the bitcoin movement is extremely transparent – every single transaction is stored in a massively distributed public registry called blockchain.

This fever is shaking all over the country. There is a great number of people who are digging to find Bitcoins every day. Although many people think that cryptocurrencies are one big fraud, the fact is that individuals have enriched themselves in this way. If you want to learn more about this topic check btradesignalpro.software and get more info. 

In this article, we wrote about the top 10 bitcoin millionaires, and they are mostly men who enjoy their wealth far from the public eye. Still, some gladly share their luxurious life with numerous followers and fans on Instagram.

1. Erik Finman 

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In 2011, Eric Finman invested in the cryptocurrencies $ 1,000 which his grandmother gave him for his 12th birthday. His fortune is now worth $ 4 million. He agreed with his parents if he made the first million by the age of 18 that he would not have to go to college. That said, done. He did not enroll in college and dropped out of school at the age of 15. He invested the money into starting a consulting company.

2. Daniel Kolosi 

He made his first investment in cryptocurrencies last year. He made $ 200,000 on a $ 5,000 investment over just a few months. Former construction worker, Daniel Colossi, invested $ 5,000 in cryptocurrencies last year with a friend, and in just a few months, he made $ 200,000. He estimated that this type of business will make him a millionaire by 2024, and he was right. This former construction worker has already spent some of the money on a trip around the world and to live in Thailand.

3. Eddy Zillan 

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Eddy Zillan invested all his savings of $ 12,000 in cryptocurrencies when he was 18 years old. He earned his savings by leading tennis training. Just three years after investing, he had a million dollars in his account.

This high school student started Cryptocurrency Financial and now advises others on how to make money from cryptocurrencies. He is known on Instagram as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

4. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the famous twins who accused Mark Zuckerberg of stealing their Facebook idea. Long before cryptocurrencies became a trend, they recognized their capabilities. They are thus among the first billionaires to get rich on cryptocurrencies. But they do not plan to monetize their profits. They have also launched the Gemini digital currency market where visitors can exchange cryptocurrency for traditional money.

By the way, they won a dispute over Facebook in 2008 and $ 65 million in damages, and in March 2013 they invested about $ 11 million in the purchase of about one percent of the world’s bitcoin reserves when the electronic currency was worth $ 120. The exact amount is unknown, but it is believed to be about 100,000 bitcoins worth over $ 1 billion.

5. Satoshi Nakamoto 

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Satoshi Nakamoto is thought to be the richest bitcoin millionaires in the world ever because he is the creator of the Bitcoin. He also made the first successful blockchain technology database, and he has more than a million Bitcoins worth more than seven billion US dollars. He said for himself that he is a modest man who lives in Japan. 

6. Gavin Andresen

This man brought cryptocurrency and Bitcoin to the world because he was the first lead developer of client software for Bitcoin. He also develops Bitcoin Core, ClearCoin, and the Bitcoin Foundation. It is known that he has cashed in his Bitcoin many times. 

7. Roger Ver

Img source: wikipedia.org

This is also one of the first developers and investors in cryptocurrency, and he also made Bitcoin Cash. This helps Bitcoin users with high transactional fees. Some say that his earnings in this field are more than half a billion US dollars. All of his earnings he put on a small island in the West Indies called Saint Kitts and Nevis and gets US citizenship investing in this little island country. 

8. Barry Silbert

This man is the maker of Digital Currency Group, a successful company, which pays attention only to digital currencies. He becomes famous in the Bitcoin world when he in 2014 bought 48,000 Bitcoins at a US government auction. At the time of buying they worth $17 million, and they worth $288 now.

9. Charlie Shrem

Img source: fortune.com

This is one of the famous five members who found the Bitcoin Foundation. He has the title of the Vice Chairman of the foundation. When he was 22 years old, he made BitInstant, which was the first cryptocurrency start-up. He was involved with unlicensed money and the Silk Road, which is the online black-market website. 

He even was in prison for two years for that fraud. When he went out of prison, he gets a position in the Blockchain-based company Jaxx. Later he made his company called CryptoIQ. The specialty of this company is a cryptocurrency advisory. 

10. Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi is the most successful investor and businessman on this list. He did not go to prison for illegal transactions of it. He is one of the supporters of this cryptocurrency from the beginning until now. He is also a co-founder of BitPay, which is payment processor for this cryptocurrency. 

This is our list of the most famous Bitcoin millionaires and we hope you like the article. Maybe we even inspire you to begin to dig for some of it. You should try it, maybe you will like it.