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Top Bitcoin Investors

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A few years ago, we witnessed a crypto fever. Probably all of you reading this article now know someone who bought a mining rig in order to get rich overnight. However, it may have been easy to mine Bitcoin four or five years ago, but it is now the most valuable cryptocurrency. Therefore, it is quite difficult to achieve success on your own and earn a fortune. You need to know the market and make good investment strategy.

So, average people need really top-notch tactics to be able to profit from cryptocurrency. However, you can look up to successful Bitcoin investors who have made a huge amount of money with their trading skills. Also, you may try to take advantage of the current rise in the value of this cryptocurrency. Or maybe you can use one of the platforms like BitcoinRevival that will help you a lot if you are new to cryptocurrency trading. You don’t even need to possess impressive trading skills and with a bit of luck, you can gain a fair amount of money. But first, let’s check out who the top Bitcoin investors are.

Dan Morehead

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This guy named Dan Morehead is one of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency world. Morehead is the owner and founder of a company called Pantera Capital, which is actually the first company in the world to get seriously involved in Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies. This company deals exclusively with investments and is a hedge fund. Since its establishment in the year of 2013, this hedge fund has brought to investors more than 24,000% profit.

In addition, Dan Morehead has successfully done business with other digital currency companies such as Polychain Capital or for example Bitstamp which is one of the best exchanges for Bitcoins.

Blythe Masters

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You have probably heard about numerous security methods when transacting cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology. Well, Blythe Masters is the person who was the CEO of Digital Asset Holdings-a company that integrates these technologies and security measures into existing systems to improve the efficiency of money and cryptocurrency trading and exchange.

In addition, she previously worked at J.P. Morgan Chase which was the first client for Digital Asset Holdings.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss

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Two brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, are very significant figures in the history of cryptocurrencies. Namely, these twins are the first people in the world to succeed in becoming billionaires. The Winklevoss brothers also created a special way to preserve their wealth.

Barry Silbert

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Another man who made his fortune through cryptocurrencies is Barry Silbert. He is the lead and founder of the Digital Currency Group. His company is fully engaged in various cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. So far, Digital Currency Group has collaborated with many (more than 75) companies that are also involved in the Bitcoin trading and exchange.

Also, Silbert’s business is expanding because he owns a CoinDesk website that deals with Bitcoin news and statistics, as well as Genesis and Grayscale companies that run the business of trading and investments for the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency on the market.