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5 Health Benefits of Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis is widely known as a recreational plant rather than a medicinal plant. The plant has been highly appreciated for its benefits and unmatched value especially in social settings. The historical use of cannabis in medicine is a long one. Guides on the history of medicinal cannabis from specialists like Zamnesia detail the plant’s storied use throughout the world, from ancient Egypt to Greece, India, and China. However, with the plant still illegally used and planted in some regions, recent studies suggest the plant is well on its way to reaching pharmaceutical shelves in the near future. With the plant still illegally used and planted, recent studies have shown findings that could see the plant pave its way to pharmaceutical shelves in the near future.

There have been numerous debates on its usefulness and research studies have seconded that the herb arguably has an extensive medicinal potential. The cannabis plant is wholly useful from the leaves, strain and stem all to its seeds. They have been poised to contain nutritional contents and values that reach as far as curing illnesses.

The herb’s medicinal properties originate from active cannabinoids (THC and CBD), flavonoids and specific terpenes. With the various strain types the cannabis plant possesses, some of its nutritional seed examples are:

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  • Blueberry seeds
  • Purple widow
  • Kush seeds

However, as much as a part of the plant might lack medicinal use, the other compensates for it. This accounts to why some might be found in grocery and health stores as nutritional supplements and possess little or no affiliation to CBD medicinal products.  So the following are some of the benefits derived from consuming cannabis:

1. Assists in Weight Management

Dietaries with a good concentration of cannabis are used in weight management. If you’re not one to hit the gym, then the weed culture has provided the ultimate weight solution. The seeds contain nutritional values such as:

  • Vitamins – D, B, A and mostly vitamin E
  • Proteins
  • Minerals – zinc, iron, magnesium, sulphur, calcium, sodium and potassium

With their chock full nutrients, one aiming at losing weight can consume them as they keep them full throughout the day. On such a full stomach, one will cut down on extra unnecessary meals as well as stay healthy. Looking at the flip side, for one gaining weight, the same nutritional characteristics aid when taken in healthy portions.

2. A Body Builder (Protein Source)

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The plant’s weight gaining properties has proteins written all over it. They are sold as supplements and mostly used by fitness professionals and athletes towards mass gaining during workouts. Ronda Rousey, a renowned World MMA Champion is known to start her mornings with a dosage of cannabis before her daily workouts. It’s sold in form of powder which can be introduced in a food diet or mixed with water and taken as a smoothie.

For those gravitating towards gaining weight without meaty products, this is their go to option as it is convenient and reliable. In fact cannabis has an upper hand over meat since they contain low-carb and low-fat.

3. Aids In Dealing With Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis seeds are muscle relaxants and aid in proper regulation of the nervous system. In hospitals, those with depression disorders are mostly given medications that contain CBD properties in them. This in return helps control conditions such as epileptic fits and insomnia. It’s also good for the heart as its high levels of Omega acids lower blood pressure and improves the cardiovascular functions.

These seeds are readily available in dispensaries and can be purchased as oils or seeds. However one is advised to take the seeds since they contain lower levels of THC which is the psychoactive component in cannabis. So, whenever you’re stressed, instead of taking a bottle of beer or a couple of cigarettes, resort to this healthy cannabis and ease the pressure.

4. Contains Omega-6 and Omega-3

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Just as fish oils are rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, the cannabis as well possesses the quality in almost similar quantity. These oils aid in protein production as well as possess body building nutrients. For those allergic to sea foods or fish precisely, this is an equally healthy alternative that will provide the same value.

These oils enhance your brain function which in return offers protection from mental disorders like dementia. As much as aiding with proper cardiovascular functions, it maintains the body’s blood pressure easing blood flow and distribution.

These seeds are prescribed to boost and improve one’s immunity more so the sickly individuals. With the rich Omega oils, it sure guarantees relief from skin ailments as well. It improves the skin’s health and maintains a glow as much as countering dermatitis symptoms and eczema.

5. Enhances Body Wellness and Disease Prevention

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, consuming cannabis seeds is an effective way to promote body wellness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the seeds providing solutions to cardiovascular problems and psychological ailments, this shows its importance in the medical field both as a recreational and health substance.

It’s said to be one of the few nutritionally complete sources of plant food in the world. Handling a wide range of ailments and body functions, the cannabis seeds could be the secret to longer and healthier living. From mental health, wellbeing to physical wellness, the cannabis covers an almost all rounded concept in the medical field. If you are planning to buy Cannabis seeds you can find on this site.

How Cannabis Seeds Are Consumed

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Looking at their benefits is one thing but understanding their intake methodology is important. These seeds can be taken raw, unshelled, cooked, and shelled, basically as per the user’s preferences. You can reap its health benefits and nutrients either when cooked or raw. They don’t lose their value or nutritional contents at all.

However, to make them more enjoyable or tastier you can craft a creative meal around them. Ways of preparing them are:

  • Roasting – one can roast the seeds and make cannabis tea by adding boiled water.
  • Sprinkling shelled seeds on meals.
  • Grind to powder form then use as flour or protein supplement.
  • Press them for their oil extract.

With numerous testimonies and research findings, the medicinal impact cannabis offer has proven essential and effective. Of course with limitations from government policies, the seeds’ potential might not be fully tapped but its gradual introduction into the market could be pivotal in its acceptance.