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Are Business Analytics Colleges in the USA Worth Studying – 2024 Review

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Pursuing Business Analytics courses from Business Analytics Colleges in the USA, they can ensure a good future for aspirants. Business Analytics aims to study the financial records of the past by using statistics and data to analyze the current condition and help forecast the future. More than 10,00,000 lakhs international students shift to the US to fulfill their educational dreams. An average salary of a Business Analyst is between 47,368 – 141,590 USD yearly. Business Analyst is among the most sought after jobs in the USA as per the Glassdoor survey. This job role stands in the 25th position. 

Business Analytics falls under the category of  STEM degrees in the USA, and STEM courses account for at least 51.6 percent of students studying there. Plenty of career options are available post-completion of the course from top Business Analytics Colleges in the USA. Some of these job roles are Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Market Research Analyst, and Operations Research, Analyst.

Top Business Analytics Colleges in the USA

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Business analytics is booming in recent times. Most of the top Business Analytics colleges in the USA offer analytics courses, which are a blend of technical training and applied to learn. These courses aim to train students in business analytics, applying statistics and maths, decision theory, consumer behavior, risk management, etc. Visit here for more information on top business analytics colleges in the USA.

Some of the USA’s well-known business analytics colleges include elite education colleges like MIT, Cornell, etc. Given below are some of the famous Business Analytics Colleges in the USA offering programs at different levels.

Some of the top colleges of MS in Business Analytics USA:

University Duration Of Program Yearly Tuition Fees (USD)
Carnegie Mellon University (Pennsylvania, USA) 18 months 64,410
Duke University (North Carolina, USA) 10 months 65,975
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia, USA) 12 months 1,966
MIT Sloan (Massachusetts, USA) 12 months 77,350


Some of the top Business Analytics Colleges in USA offering Undergraduate Courses are:

College Names Duration Fees per year (USD)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan) 4 years 51,520
University of California, Berkeley 4 years 42,900
University of Maryland, College Park 4 years 34,565
Arizona State University 4 years 33,000
University of Hartford 4 years 45,144


Students can choose their elective subjects such as supply chain analytics, social network analytics, quantitative training, etc. along with the main subjects. They are provided with proper assignments and projects from time to time to give them practical exposure.

Why should students opt for Business Analytics Colleges in the USA?

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At present, the USA boasts of 806,400 Business Analytics professionals. Students can expect the business analytics job market to grow at 4.3% until 2026. Over these ten years, there will be a need of at least 120,400 Business Analysts in the USA. Thus it suggests that there is a good scope after studying from Business Analytics Colleges in the USA. Business Analytics professionals enjoy an average salary of 73,000 USD. Now, let’s check the graph below stating the progress of Business Analysts in the USA below:

According to the figure mentioned above, Business Analysts can expect increments up to 43 %. So, Business Analytics Colleges in the USA can give a head start to your career. 

After passing from Business analytics colleges in the USA, students get job offers very just within 3 to 6 months post-completion. After studying from top Business Analytics Colleges in the USA, undergraduates can earn at least a 31% increment in the present. With a Master’s degree, students can expect a 32% increment on the undergraduate remuneration. Business Analytics professionals can expect to earn a hike of 13% in 15 months as compared to other professions, which is 8 %.

Business analyst jobs have increased in the USA at a rate of 22% between 2010-2020. This suggests that there will be 15,000 new job positions expected to be there annually. Most of the Business Analytics Colleges in the USA offer consulting opportunities, corporate visits, industry networking, and career coaching in the first year. Students get the option of participating in student exchange programs. All of this helps to gain market exposure to students.

After passing from top Business Analytics Colleges in USA, students can get job offers like the ones mentioned below:

  • Market Research Analyst: 33,677 – 113,980 USD
  • Financial Quantitative Analyst: 38,000 – 123,360 USD
  • Operations Research Analyst: 46,810 – 148,556 USD
  • Business Analyst: 47,368 – 141,590 USD

Scholarships available to study at Business Analytics Colleges in the USA

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The USA’s business analytics colleges offer various funding options to the students, such as student loans, grants, scholarships, and many others. A few of the scholarship programs which students can avail are 1st Formations Business Scholarship, Debesh Kamal Scholarship, Go Clean Scholarship, QS Scholarship, and Paul Foundation Scholarships. These scholarships offer aid between 800 – 20,174 USD concerning tuition fees, living expenses, etc. Let’s know about some of the scholarships along with their awards here:

Scholarship Names Universities Application Deadline Award (in USD) Course Level
1st Formations Business Scholarship Massachusetts Institute of Technology 29th May 800 Both Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses
Debesh Kamal Scholarship 30th April 1,385  Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate courses
Go Clean Scholarship 31st December 3,500  Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate degrees
The Kay-Grant Group Scholarship New York University 31st October 1,000 Both Undergraduate, Postgraduate & Doctorate courses
QS Leadership Scholarship University of Texas Austin 30th April 10,000  Only Postgraduate & Doctorate courses

The above-mentioned scholarship programs will definitely lessen one’s financial burden while studying in the USA.

With an overview of the USA’s business analytics colleges, students must be having a clear idea by now. The field of Business Analytics offers many lucrative jobs to the aspirants. The different job profiles offered to the applicants are Business Analyst, Marketing analyst, financial analyst, business consultant, data scientist, data architect, etc. Thus the top Business Analytics Colleges in USA offer top-quality education through well-experienced faculty and offer excellent career outcomes.