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Consumables for the Car What are They and What is Their Importance

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Buying a new car is an important event in the life of every motorist. There are many factors and technical features, observing which, your car will serve long and trouble-free. One of the conditions for the correct and reliable operation of the vehicle is the mandatory replacement of consumables in accordance with the technical passport.

For every car spare parts or truck spare parts, the automaker sets the auto parts’ nominal service life or wear rate. In addition, there is a conditional list of components to be replaced based on the maintenance results, which we will consider later in our article.

What are the consumables for cars?

Suppose you do not fully understand what consumables are and what auto parts need to be periodically updated in your car. In that case, we recommend visiting the nearest service station, where experienced artisans will perform diagnostics of the main components quite quickly.

All consumables are divided into those that must be updated necessarily and other components that change as needed.

Consumables include fuel and lubricants, components with a small resource subject to systematic updating after a certain number of kilometers traveled.

This is not a complete list of all the components. The entire list depends on the full set of the vehicle, manufacturer, model, brand, and year of manufacture of the car.

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Popular consumables

The quality and durability of auto parts largely depend on the manufacturer. According to experts, in foreign cars, it is very important to change the engine oil and brake fluid and antifreeze and brake device parts in time. The fuel filter and transmission oil in imported cars have a longer service life than for domestic cars.

For example, let’s look at several popular car brands and popular spare parts for them:

Spare parts for Volkswagen:

  • Air, oil, and fuel filters;
  • Timing belts;
  • Antifreeze and brake fluid;
  • Rings per piston group;
  • Control arms;
  • Bearings.

Spare parts for BMW:

  • Starters;
  • Auto chemicals;
  • Rubber bushings and other undercarriage parts;
  • Fuel and lubricants;
  • Ball joints;
  • Details for the ignition system.

Spare parts for MERCEDES-BENZ:

  • Spark plugs;
  • Summer and winter tires;
  • Fuel and oil filters;
  • Engine Mounts;
  • Transmission oil.

Spare parts for Renault:

  • Transmission details;
  • Brake system components (pads, discs);
  • Tires;
  • Sway bars;
  • Suspension elements, etc.
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Consumables for foreign cars and domestic cars

Regardless of what brand of car you have, you should regularly change the consumables in accordance with the warranty period declared by the manufacturer. If you have any difficulties, go through the car diagnostics, where specialists will determine the degree of wear of components even at the early stages. This will ensure a long service life, efficient operation of all car systems, and safety for the driver and passengers on the roads. The principle of replacement of consumables in machines:

  • every 10,000 km of mileage, the engine oil must be replaced;
  • brake fluid and worn-out components of the clutch system change after 40 thousand km;
  • spark plugs must be replaced with new ones after the expiration of the warranty period, depending on the mileage of the car;
  • it is recommended to replace the air filters in the autumn or after 10,000 km of car mileage;
  • fuel system filters have a relatively long service life (up to 5 years, approximately 20-30 thousand km), but they are changed more often if necessary;
  • the oil filters must be replaced together with the oil;
  • other consumables usually change as they wear out.

What is required to change?

Among all types of consumables that require special control on the part of the car owner, a list of mandatory replacement consumables is determined. Timely replacement of such materials is a prerequisite for the maintenance of the vehicle. We will determine the list of the most important and mandatory consumables to be replaced immediately in case of critical wear:

In the first place is the engine oil, which must be replaced every 10-15 thousand miles, but if you notice a change in the color of the oil – this procedure must be carried out earlier. Therefore, do not be lazy to check the oil at least once a week.

The next most important consumables for cars are cooling, brake fluid, and transmission oil.

Do not forget about the air, fuel, and oil filters that affect the operation of the most important systems of the machine.

According to the season, wear summer and winter tires – this is not only comfort and safety on the road, but also economical fuel consumption. The service life of winter tires is up to 4 years with proper driving.

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Correct purchase of spare parts

Naturally, any motorist wants every purchase of spare parts for his swallow to be profitable. This may be some spare parts that are responsible for the operation of the engine or body elements. All of them sometimes fail and need to be replaced. Many drivers turn to the service station for help, where an employee finds the necessary part and installs it. Only in this case can you attack the overpayment. It is one thing to pay for the work of a specialist and the part itself, and another to overpay for the part and pay for the work of a specialist. Therefore, it is better to buy spare parts yourself. So how do you still purchase spare parts correctly?

If you plan to buy original spare parts, you need to consider that they are packed in special packaging and have their marking. They are identified by their number in the catalog. Do not resort to saving money when you need to buy spare parts for the engine, chassis, or gearbox. This can all be called the main parts of the car, and inexpensive spare parts here quickly fail. But on the purchase of a car handle or front light, try to save a little.

You can buy spare parts in stores and online auto parts stores. Perhaps the most convenient place to buy spare parts can be called special online stores. Now you do not need to spend money on refueling and go for the sake of one spare part somewhere in the city. Just sit down at your computer, connect to the Internet, and you will have access to all the online auto parts stores. Usually, in online stores, the prices for spare parts are pleasantly pleasing. At the same time, a small price does not affect the quality of the parts. The main thing is to find a conscientious online auto parts store with good customer reviews.


The duration and reliability of car operation largely depend on the timely replacement of consumables. Neglect of such manipulation is fraught with consequences – an expensive overhaul of the car, the creation of an emergency on the road, and other unpleasant moments for the motorist. Periodic change of consumables will cost much cheaper than car repairs, so we do not recommend saving on maintenance and buying only high-quality spare parts for foreign cars hardrace-europe.com.