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7 Facts and Myths about Using Kratom in 2024

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Kratom is a widely popular plant that is heavily used in traditional medicine. However, there is much debate on whether or not Kratom is good for you or bad. Separating facts from myth will help you decide whether or not this herb can do you harm or good.

We’re here to make that separation, and to give clarity on the widespread misinformation on the internet regarding this plant. Sticking around until the end of the article will help clarify our stance and even encourage you to use it for certain ailments.


1. What Is Kratom And What Is It Used For?

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If you’re reading this article then you’re mostly somewhat familiar with this plant or have no idea and are eager to learn more about it. In short terms, Kratom is widely used to give people a “feel-good” feeling and to treat various types of pain.

The origins of this plant are from the peaceful region of Southeast Asia and the botanical gardens of the Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. This plant is mostly related to a particular family of coffee plants that is native and popular in the region.

One of the biggest characteristics of this plant is that it can grow up to 80 feet in height and produce leafs the size of shoes. It is the leaves that we are particularly interested in since this is the part of the plant that is used for medicinal purposes.

It’s first documented uses are from Southeast Asia and by British explorers. The natives of the lands would chew on the leaves, either fresh or dried, for medicinal purposes.

This plant frequently features in many traditional rituals that involve some sort of self-healing. However, the natives explained that the leaves of this plant are particularly bitter. So the natives would use other ingredients to give it a bit of sweetness.

Kratom is nowadays mostly used dried and in powdered form so it could be drunk as tea.

2. Who Uses It?

We mentioned that this plant is used to lessen pain and to give a person a sense of calmness and good feelings. Naturally, it was the native farmers that would use it to lower stress, anxiety, and pain from their hard jobs.

In the western world, the plant is used for the same things although there a specific demographic that uses it. This plant is mostly manufactured as supplements and used to promote self-calm and tranquility.

3. Types of Kratom

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Just like cannabis, there are a couple of strains and types of the plant. But unlike cannabis, Kratom has three distinct strains that are named after their color.

These strains are red, white, and green. The difference between each one directly impacts the color, and the difference is in the alkaloid composition.

Each strain has different effects, and people use each strain based on what they need.

The red strain is predominantly used by those that are after tranquility and peace of mind. White strains are predominantly used for improving your cognitive functions and improving your alertness, while the green strain improves your mood and health.

Out of all three, it is the green strain that is the most popular one. However, it’s not unheard of for people to combine two or all three strains for a bonus of all three or two effects.

Myths About Kratom

Since the purpose of this article is to separate the myths from the truth, let’s start with exactly the former.

Kratom is illegal in the United States

This myth is subjective at best since there are a lot of states that haven’t banned it nor labeled it as illegal. Contrary to popular beliefs, Kratom is mostly legal but there are a couple of states that prohibit its usage.

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4. It Is Highly Addictive

There has been much debate relating to this one. Some advocate against its usage, deeming it highly addictive. But experts suggest that Kratom might become part of your daily activities, but highly disagree that it will cause addiction. Many people use it nowadays for its wellness effects, making it a habit of some sort.

5. It Can Kill a Person

This one is very wrong and we cannot stress how important it is for us to address it.

Namely, there is a lot of internet talk that at least 40 people have died from its usage between the year 2009 and 2016 in the United States.

There is zero evidence that this is the case, and the most likely cause of a Kratom-related death maybe when mixing it with opioids and other dangerous substances.

With all that said, you can imagine how dangerous it would be to mix any type of medicinal substance with opioids.

Kratom is perfectly safe for medicinal usage and the science and data backs it up. Since most online shops and stores sell it in powdered and capsule form, such as We Kratom, its consumption is labeled as perfectly safe.

You don’t have to ingest the leaf nor smoke it to get the desired effects.

6. It Is An Opioid

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The main reason as to why people label it as an opioid is because it targets the same receptors of the bran as an opioid would. However, the main difference is that the plant-based substance does this in an inherently different way that is fundamentally opposed to how opioids would.

7. People Use It For the High

There is no sensation or feeling of “high” from using Kratom. Sure, it might promote a sense of well-being and calmness, but it won’t get you high.

Like we addressed it in a previous point, you’ll mostly find it in a powdered form in capsules. However, that doesn’t mean that this is the only way to obtain Kratom.

Many manufacturers of these pills do it in this way because it better suits their needs and the needs of the customers. But, this plant can be found in its original form (leaves), in soap bars, and some are trying to turn it into oil.