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How Long Does Kratom Stay in Your System – 2024 Guide

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The plant with the official name Mitragyna speciosa, and more widely known as Kratom, belongs to the family of plants to which coffee also belongs, but it is not widespread as coffee, although it has many more health benefits. It grows in Southeast Asia, mostly in Thailand. The most common ways of consumption are by chewing or in the form of tea.

The medicinal properties obtained from the leaves of this plant are known. Its leaves contain many alkaloids, and the most important thing is to extract mitragynine. Buprenorphine is often compared to this plant due to its healing effect when it comes to chronic pain or similar.

What many users wonder is how long after consuming this medicine remains in the system. It is interesting that this happens precisely because kratom is extremely difficult to detect. Standard drug tests are not helpful in this case, and can only be detected using tests designed to detect this plant. Below you can read the answer to this question.

How long can traces of it be found in our bodies?

There is not much detailed analysis of how much remains in the human body, while several animal studies have been conducted, and the final information says that the estimate of the elimination of this plant is approximately 24 hours. However, this refers to the removal of kratom from the circulatory system, while the final removal will take about 5 days.

If we take everything into account, the time of elimination from the organism will certainly experience certain variations in relation to the user. Studies that dealt with these results noted that the fastest removal was 7 hours, the slowest was 9 days. The user has been consuming the plant for more than a year, so this period differs for users who have used this plant for a shorter period of time.

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Influencing factors

After the previous information, we think that it is quite clear to you that the time of removal of kratom from the body will be approximately 5 days. However, in the previous part of the text, we stated that this certainly varies from user to user. Some of the factors that affect the understanding of the consumption of this plant and its evaporation from the body are:

Alkaloid content of this plant

It is very important to differentiate in alkaloids. Although this is an indispensable part of this medicinal plant, it should be noted the importance of the origin of it, as well as the place where the plant was collected. All this affects the quality of alkaloids.

As we mentioned earlier, mitraginine is the main alkaloid that can be obtained from the leaves of kratom, but the amount of alkaloid generally depends on its growth. An example of this is plants grown in Southeast Asia, where the highest percentage of mitraginine was recorded. While on the other hand there are plants that were collected from places where they were artificially grown in a greenhouse or some other places in Southeast Asia, the level of mitraginin is clearly lower.

Also, the number of mitraginins can be reduced due to the mixing of this plant with some artificial chemicals. So be careful where are you buying it. kratom rack can help you, they did research for you about where to buy it near you.

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Individual factors

It is interesting that two people can consume it in exactly the same way and in the same period of time, and eliminate it from the body at different times. Factors that lead to this are age, weight, height and genetics.


It is not the same whether the medicine is consumed by a younger person or a person over 65 years of age. The condition of their organs differs significantly, so the use of this medicine will be reflected differently. In the end, the elimination of the plant from the organism takes place equally differently.

Poorer condition of the kidneys and liver in the elderly is a crucial factor, and the use of other drugs eventually leads to a prolongation of the life of it in the body.


Take for example two people of completely different weights. If a person is thin, it means that he does not have a large amount of fat at all, and the alkaloid is soluble in fat, while it is weaker in water. On the other hand, it will stay longer in the fat cells of an obese person, because it will automatically stay longer after each use, and therefore it will take more and more time for it to disappear from the body.

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Some people find it much harder to absorb mitraginin optimally. Thus, their metabolism is broken down by the enzyme CYP450, and mostly by the highly polymorphic CYP2D6 gene. Those who have this gene have alleles that improve its performance.

On the other hand, people who do not have this amount of alleles will lead to a longer elimination of kratom. Thus, the rate of drug removal from the body in this case depends on the CYP2D6 allele.

Liver function

People who have liver dysfunction will be able to expel the medicinal plant from the body more slowly. Damage leads to a disorder of CYP2D6, which leads to a prolongation of the life of it in the body.

Food and water intake

As previously mentioned, fatty foods are very suitable for collecting the alkaloid mitragynine, while the use of sufficient water leads to frequent urination and even faster cleansing of the body and thus leads to the elimination of kratom. Only people who take care of the hydration of the organism can successfully cope with it. Food also affects the rate at which it is eliminated from the body.

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Metabolic rate

We all know that the rate of metabolism affects how much energy our body will burn, so the same thing is with the impact of metabolism on this medicinal plant. As energy burns, metabolism also releases it. Thus, the metabolic rate is crucial in this case.

Urine pH

The most common alkaloid of this medicinal plant can be destroyed due to its action in an acidic environment. This means that the acidity of the pH of the urine will speed up or slow down the process of expelling it from the body.

Renal function

Mitraginine is excreted by the kidneys in the urine. So, any disease that causes changes in the kidneys will contribute to the weakening of the function of this organ. In that way, the excretion will be reduced, so the medicine will accumulate in the kidneys. To summarize, a person who has this type of kidney problem will prolong the body’s stay in the body.

Use of drugs and other supplements

The use of all drugs that lead to impaired CYP2D6 function will affect a person’s metabolism, and thus the length of stay of the drug in the system.

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If you have recently stopped taking it, all you have to do is wait for it to disappear from your body. Read the above information carefully, because that way you can roughly find out if it will soon disappear from your system. As we have already mentioned, personal factors are crucial. But if you are still taking it, you don’t have to worry, you will pass you drug test, Kratom is not listed among PEDs.