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7 Hidden Gems of Amsterdam that Most Tourists Never See – 2024 Guide

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Apart from the famous spots that witness numerous tourists all throughout the year, there are some special spots in Amsterdam too. These are the hidden gems of this place as many are not aware of their existence. Amsterdam is believed to have several hidden gems, and they are above average as compared to the other tourist attractions.

These hidden gems were located by the locals of the city, and some of them are favourite spots of the people living in and around. These places are so beautiful that gives a whole new perspective about the city. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, follow the list below to know a few hidden gems that are very unique and are less crowdy. The city has much more to offer, and you can discover all of them. Visit amsterdamyeah.com, and the website will​ help you explore Amsterdam better. It covers information greater than your tour guide tells you about.

The Jordaan

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Present at a spot just adjacent to the city center, a lot of tourists often visit this spot. Although it is a hidden gem, many people are found wandering at this place after they visit the city center. It was once a district where working-class people lived. Now, after landing at this place you will get to see a collection of small restaurants, cafes, small stores, etc. This spot is among the busiest spots during the summer season, and you will meet several tourists and locals visiting the place to chill and try some scrumptious dishes.

After reaching the place, the experience obtained by strolling through the slender streets is lovable. Also, you will find several neat shops selling things and numerous eateries, and good pubs here. Get to see varied shops selling souvenirs, buy them to take along.

Houseboat Museum

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This place hardly resembles a museum, though it is given such a name, since the houseboat is decorated to represent the vitality of people living in canals. You will have a glimpse of what living in the canals is all about. The houseboat was built originally to haul coal, sand, etc. from one place to another. After using it for quite a few years, the boat was then transformed in 1960 into a houseboat. Then, people lived in it for 20 long years. People are excited when they at first get to know that they are getting a chance to experience a boat life. Visit this place to have a dominant opinion of the existence of people living in the boat.

The Tulip Museum

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The place has a Tulip Shop, and inside a room the museum is situated which is present attached to the shop. After visiting this shop, you will get to know the interesting records of the tulips present in Holland. People are crazy for Tulip found at this place. Tulips were originally introduced here from the Netherlands, and since then they have become increasingly famous in the country. Visit this unique museum and you will know much more about Tulips and its variants.

FOAM (Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam)

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As the name suggests, this is more like a gallery built to take photographs. The museum was established in 2001. This museum falls under the location which is among the major parts of the city. Despite being so, you will not experience much crowd, since this place is not known to many. You get to witness a few decent pictures stored in the museum which will steal your attention. Every art and photography lover, who are familiar with the place, prevail as die-hard fans of the amazing place. A few famous photographers of the city and of global level visit this place regularly to shoot amazing pictures. Several exhibitions are also held at this museum.

The Cat Cabinet

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This place is situated in a townhome present in the city. It was originally established in the 17th century. Bob Meijer was passionate about building one of the quirkiest as well as unique museums in the city. The gallery finally commenced in 1990. His pet cat died and after the loss, he soon began to collect varied arts related to cats for years. This deliberately filled his entire house. You will get to see stunning, actual cats dwelling inside the cabinet. Yes, not only art and other wonderful pieces related to cats are found here, but also real cats also dwell here. Though it is somewhat of a weird museum, once you visit the place you will get to know how fun being feels like.


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The place can be referred to as a zoo. Yes, a zoo that is a residence to varied bacteria and microorganisms. One can find every kind of distinct bacteria and microbes at this zoo. Visit this place to know more about different bacteria and other microbes that people come in contact with almost daily. You can also peek in from the displays, or can also peek through the microscopes to know more about unnoticed bacteria. The best part about this place is that you can also choose to get yourself inspected to know what kind of bacteria lives on. When it comes to zoos, we bet you must have never visited such a zoo like this one.


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Oost means east and hence this spot is situated to the east location of this city. At this spot, you will find a zoo, a beautiful park, and several hawkers serving dishes of the Middle East cuisine. While wandering around this place, you will hardly find any tourists here, because again this is a hidden gem, and a majority of the people are not aware of its existence. At most, you will get to see a few people who are lost while roaming. Also, don’t miss visiting Dappermark, which is present nearby to this place. It is a very popular street market prevailing for more than 100 years now.

Final Words

Get started! Plan an outing to Amsterdam to discover a few places that most people must not have toured. This is the information that is practically needed to obtain huge benefits from the trip to Amsterdam.