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Who to Expect as the Biggest Clients as a Designer – 2024 Guide

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Designing is a very lucrative activity. Fashion designers, who enjoy wide acclaim and popularity in the industry have a plethora of customers.

Becoming a designer is not enough to have major clients. First, you should create a prominent brand and product that will be unique and attractive to people. You cannot just create ordinary stuff and think it is going to work. It usually takes a lot of effort and a little luck to have yourself established in the broad area of designing.

Once you reach the goal and become a world-class designer, then everything tends to work correctly for you. You get offers from notable clients and celebrities around the world. In this article, we will talk about who to expect as the major clients when you become a designer.

Casino providers

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This one may seem a little surprising, but casinos take one of the major places as designers’ clients. The logic here is very simple – they want dealers and staff to look attractive, hence appropriate clothes are essential, and they are willing to pay a decent amount of money for good designing.

The same thing goes for online casinos as well. As the tendency of live casinos evolved throughout time, it became obligatory for live dealers to dress in beautiful clothes so that they could attract clients. Therefore according to Spinia, a popular gambling platform some reviewers have taken to looking at more than just a list of best live casino games available on each platform.

They stopped looking at the diversity of the games themselves but started looking at the diversity of the people presenting them. It took a whole new spin on things for the providers as they found a completely new feature they could “customize” and call their own. In an industry that doesn’t really allow too much room for originality, it was like a godsend for many newly established brands.


If you look at the Oscars, the BAFTA Awards, or any significant event that takes place annually you are indeed delighted with the choice of clothes actors, actresses and directors wear. Usually, these clothes come from the best designers in the world.

The Oscars are historically the most important event in Hollywood, but in fact, everyone is much more interested in dresses and jewelry on the red carpet than Academy awards. For instance, at the Oscars 2024 shoes, dresses and general outfit cost a lot for celebrities.

Putting a dress on the red carpet, such as Chanel or Dior, is an expensive pleasure. To do this, you need the services of a personal tailor of the highest class. Stars usually fly to the Oscars with trained tailors from Europe who can manage expensive couture outfits and will be able to “fit” a dress in shape. This is at least another $1,500 for a flight to Los Angeles and about $ 1,000 for a hotel stay. These costs are usually covered by the brand, which, in turn, receives in exchange publicity – advertising.


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Major athletes from the NBA, football, NHL are also willing to pay a lot for a good outfit. We can remember the most significant awards in football, Ballon d’Or. Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi always appear in stylish outfits that are created by prominent designers.

We can say the same for the NBA where Lebron James constantly amazes us with his choice of outfit and one of the greatest players of all time always asks designers to care for the appearance.


We are talking about both female and male politicians. Although the politician’s direct duty is to carry out his political activities, some of them are often on the list of tastefully dressed people. And mainly this is due to the fact that they choose one of the best designers.

For being a successful politician, visual appearance is also important. When you look good, the likelihood that more people will follow and listen to you is also high.

Musical artists

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We have seen a plethora of singers who do not pay attention to their clothes and hold concerts without luxurious clothes and just dress ordinarily. However, there are numerous singers that pay a lot to famous designers so that they can look brilliant in front of the audience.

Artists like Elton John for example always look very solid. And considering the amount of money they earn through selling their albums as well as organizing concerts and tours worldwide, it is not surprising that they are willing to spend a lot of money on clothes.

Video game industry

This industry is not a direct client, considering the fact that they physically do not put on their clothes. However, when a video game is made, no matter which one, sometimes video game developers ask designers to create a virtual model of clothes that will be used for characters in a particular game.

And we know that some high-class designers do not have problems with working and painting on the computer. We can remember a famous game from the Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4, which, even though it is an action-adventure game, in some scenes characters are dressed really nicely.

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Everyone likes to dress stylishly. Especially if well-known designers make clothes. It is not a novelty that celebrities care about their appearance more and spend a lot of money to be attractive.