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How to Find and Fix AC System Problems in Bermuda Dunes CA – 2024 Guide

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The last thing anyone needs over the festive season is fixing something at home that requires you to spend some of your holiday money. What if it’s your cooling system that needs to be fixed at this most inconvenient time? Very annoying, right?

Some unexpected things certainly get to us to the point of inconvenience, nevertheless, to get things done quickly and efficiently it is best to leave it to true professionals. 

As much as we love our hubby who enjoys getting his hands dirty with a DIY job, sometimes it is best to leave it to a team of experts who know their way around the AC!

Top 7 most common problems that you might experience with an AC

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  1. Low refrigerant – this is the part that your air conditioner uses to successfully remove and get rid of humidity that is trapped in the air. In this case, you or your repairman should find the leak, which can be a time-consuming process, but not that hard to do (luckily).
  2. Frozen evaporator coils – these Coils need to stay warm in order to perform at their best capacity. If something gets out of hand or if it becomes dirty or not for use, you might experience loads of ice building outside and on top of your AC.
  3. Dirty condenser coils – this is another part of the outside unit that can remove the heat from your home and outside the building. However, if it is covered in grime, it will leave you with pollution and even possible system failure. Act quickly in this case, and call a professional!
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  1. Fan problems – this is a duo-system that has to blow the air inside and outside of the fan. If you end up experiencing a faulty motor or lack of lubrication you will notice a weird sound, which you must correct and act upon immediately.
  2. Leaking ducts – these are found in your walls and they have to push the cool air in and out. However, they can easily and often break, but their restoration is not too expensive. 
  3. Thermostat issues – is quite easy to fix and solve, and it doesn’t have to get too pricey either. Set them up all over again and shut off the system. Just a couple of clicks of the button should do the trick.
  4. Clogged drains – last, but not least, this is another common reason that might damage your AC. Drains can get clogged, and the water that is in there will damage the system. If you spot any mold growth just know that it is time to act up!
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So, how to fix any of the above?

Finding the right fit

Unless you already have a repair company or service on speed dial that you regularly call and love to use, choosing a reputable and reliable company will take some careful research. Too many times we rush and panic and simply opt for the first one that pops up in the search engine results. They also claim to be the best in the business, so what could go wrong? Well, everything to be honest.

Vulnerable people who hire the first brand usually end up being either overcharged for unnecessary services that the company claims are ‘essential.’ Or the work they do carry out is lackluster or perhaps they aren’t even doing anything aside from buying time in front of the unit.

Some people have been caught and hopefully, it is a lesson to learn from. You can see one such incident if you click here and know that the time it takes to conduct an organized and well sought out repairman could be the difference between a paycheck and being extorted.

Once the job has been completed and you’ve made the payment you find out a week later that the issue is back and they haven’t repaired anything but simply put a temporary solution in place that was always going to fail.

Thankfully, there are a few quick tips on what to look for when hiring an AC unit company and with this knowledge, you are also more aware of what raises a red flag and seems off. Let’s take a browse at some of the top criteria a quality company will represent. 

4 Features of a good AC repair company that you should look for

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This may seem an odd quality but you are letting these people into your home or workplace with valuable and personal items all around, and initial sit down and appointment to discuss what is wrong and to hear their solution will help you decide if you feel comfortable with them or not.

Customer service

Is their demeanor welcoming and friendly, do they make you feel important, and that they understand your needs and concerns? You don’t want a firm that is just looking for another payday but values their work and delivers great customer care throughout the process.

The list could go on, and it does, but take a look here to hear others’ opinions and methods for finding the right AC repair firm and the top qualities they believe fit the bill.

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Experience in the business

I am all for helping out a newly graduated student looking to gain some hands-on real-world experience, but when it comes to the more complicated work a certified and essentially a veteran in the industry is the only thing that will give me peace of mind.


If they are well-dressed and mannered, the work vehicles are not ‘run down’ or even unbranded, and they present themselves with confidence, this leaves a lasting impression and one that not only shows they pride themselves on quality work but will set the tone for future business working relationships!

Aim for these top four important and key facts before you make a deal with your repairman, or with their company. It is always best to be safe than sorry, just remember this rule before hiring anyone or letting them into your personal space.

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So, final thoughts?!

There will always be a time when something goes wrong at your home, we can’t necessarily prevent it, but with a good routine maintenance plan in place, you could be 1-step ahead before a disaster unfolds.

You want a company such as gotcoolair.com that will get the job done right, with quality service and workmanship you can rely on, and all the while executing it the first time around. Take your time, think long and hard, and remember that it’s always better to choose quality over quantity!