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How to Act Inside a Strip Club – 2024 Guide

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Most major cities across America and the world have at least one strip club. There’s plenty about strip clubs that excite patrons – the hot bartenders, lap dances, talented dancers, tipping, drinks, and more. Also known as a titty-bar or gentleman’s club, strip clubs typically have written and unwritten rules.

The written rules are pretty obvious, but the unwritten rules are much more of a gray area. Whether you’re a titty-bar novice or a devoted patron, here are some strip club etiquette guidelines that will help you have a good time.

Dress Accordingly

Unless you’re a big spender at the stage or the bar, steer clear of sweatpants. Casual attire is typically frowned upon, and you’ll be lucky to get past the suit-wearing bouncer at the entrance while wearing sneakers. You also want to wear soft clothes if you want a lap dance.

Once a dancer spots you, she’s aware of what you’re wearing. Pants made of rough fabric can make for a less than pleasant experience for the stripper. Be considerate and avoid wearing clothes such as jeans. Bear in mind that not all strips clubs are created equal. Some will have a dress code, while others won’t, but most strip clubs will likely require that you at least wear a shirt.

What Are the Tipping Rules?

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When it comes to tipping, rules vary widely. It never hurts to ask the staff or check the rules of conduct. In New Jersey, for example, you’re banned from tipping money while the strippers are dancing on stage. Instead, you can tip them after when they’re walking around.

In general, dancers and strippers get 25% to 50% of a lap dance, bartenders 20% of the tab, and bouncers get 25% of the entry fee. Don’t be stingy. Whatever the rules, be prepared to tip. Anyone in the club doing you a service, including the DJ, will appreciate a tip.

When tipping, try to be discreet. Reaching for your wallet is not exactly smooth. Consider keeping your cash in a shirt pocket or somewhere easy to reach. The stripper may ask you to slip the tip in her bra, panties, or garter belt.

If you have a conversation with a stripper, you generally have to pay her for her time.  If you don’t want to talk, a polite “no, thank you” should suffice. Don’t waste the stripper’s time and allow her to move on to the next patron.

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Like tipping, touching rules will also depend on the club, which is why you should ask. For example, clubs in Portland don’t allow you to touch, but stage tipping is encouraged. Some clubs don’t allow any contact at all, but most strip clubs allow some touching.

Understand Why You’re There

Even if you didn’t go to the establishment for a lap dance, you should pay for one. It’s the reason you’re there in the first place. There’s nothing wrong with going to a strip club to hang out and buy drinks, but you’re going to spend some money anyway, so why not get a lap dance? If you’re offered a lap dance and would like to decline, do it respectfully.

Stay Clean

A lap dance is just part of the experience of going to the club. Be polite, and keep your language clean. Dancers are professional entertainers, so it’s essential to treat them with respect.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with getting aroused, but you don’t want to get too excited. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, give the dancer a warning to stop dancing. Otherwise, relax, let the stripper do her job, and enjoy the ride. Strippers are used to clients getting hard-ons, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about it. You can always give an extra big tip if you’re having a good time.

What Do You Talk About?

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Anything. Just don’t be misogynistic, racist, or homophobic. Lap dances, especially long ones, may involve plenty of talking. You can discuss nearly any topic: Your last promotion, how you can’t wait to go on vacation, how you’re planning to pay off your mortgage, etc.

You’ll be surprised that some of the dancers are practically therapists. They spend most of their time listening and connecting with people.

Should You Buy the Dancers A Drink?

Yes and no. Not all dancers will drink while on the job, but some dancers will be glad to have a drink or two to help them relax and enjoy the moment. Offer a drink if you’re willing, but if the dancer declines, there’s no harm in tipping them for talking to you.

Can You Take Pictures with the Dancers?

Most clubs have rules against filming dances and taking pictures. Ask politely before whipping out your phone and starting to take photos. Snapping photos without consent is a misdemeanor in most states and could cost you a pretty penny in fines and legal fees.

On that note, many clubs have a “phone-free” zone near the stage. It’s just plain rude to be yakking on your phone during a performance. If you must take a call, tip the performer, then step away to talk.

Pay Up for Fetish Play

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Strippers are used to clients with somewhat kinky tastes. Whether you like giving foot massages and paying for it, or you like the feeling of pointed heels on your back, feel free to ask. Most strip clubs have rules regulating what strippers can and can’t do so, don’t get mad if the stripper can’t do something you’ve requested.

Going wild at a strip club is never a brilliant idea. Unless you want to get thrown out of the club, be calm, and keep it professional. You can clap after a song you really enjoyed, but don’t get on the pole and start dancing. Knowing strip club etiquette and following the rules will help you enjoy yourself more fully and save you any embarrassment.