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How to Prepare for a Trip to New Zealand

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Why you should visit New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the most epic and breath-taking scenery in the world. It is a popular tourist destination and more and more people are visiting each year. The scenery is diverse and wild. You can see subtropical forests, beaches, glaciers, mountains, volcanoes, fjords, and enormous plains. New Zealanders are warm and friendly, and you’re not going to be lonely when there are locals around. Also, there are a ton of interesting activities in which you can participate from bungee jumping and kayaking, to sailing, parachuting, and skiing. Not only are you going to be busy experiencing the extreme way of life, but you’ll have a chance to see some of the most intriguing wildlife species in the world. New Zealand split from the large landmass 85 million years ago meaning there are species here that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet.

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How to prepare

There are several important things you need to do and know before traveling to New Zealand.

  • There is a strict custom check waiting for you. Your luggage will be searched and you will be questioned. If you have any outdoor gear, you’re more likely to be questioned. There are strict biosecurity laws that are set to ensure no invasive species will be introduced to the unique New Zealand environment. Food, plants, and animal products need to be declared, as well as any piece of equipment that might be spreading some species. Your boots should be thoroughly cleaned before entering the country.
  • In July 2024, New Zealand introduced a new visa waiver which will be obligatory for all of the 60 visa waiver countries. Tourists can obtain a visa by simply completing an online application form. No need to go to an embassy or consulate as you can now get everything done on your own. You should fill out an eTA online application at least 72 hours before your trip and it will be valid for 2 years. You will have to pay a small processing fee and tourist tax, but preparing for your trip to New Zealand has now been made easier than ever. Also, you should check out official-newzealand-eta.org as they are promising to guide you through the process of application and refund the entire amount in case your application has been denied. They also accept cards from 130 different countries which aren’t something that agencies usually offer.
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  • The summer in New Zealand lasts from December to February. The chances are good that you’re going to New Zealand with certain outdoor activities in mind, so November and April are perfect months for that. On the other hand, December and February are more crowded.
  • Be ready to travel by car or by bus. There aren’t many routes connected by railway in New Zealand. Trains connect some major cities, but they aren’t super fast. The roads are narrow and it can be tricky to drive around the island if you’re not used to it. That’s why the bus is probably your best option. Oh, and they drive on the left side of the road!