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McLaren’s Scalpel-The 600 LT – Review, Latest News 2024

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How long has McLaren been around? Let’s just start with this simple question?

Well, McLaren Automotive formed from McLaren Cars in 2010 and McLaren Cars came to the realization in about 1985 which wasn’t too far off from the actual origin of the Bruce McLaren Motor Racing team that originated in 1963 which ultimately evolved into the McLaren we know today. For a brand that has under all practical terms, started producing production exotic cars after 2010, McLaren is bloody killing it out there. The biggest rivals to McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini have been in business for ages and are still being led around on a wild goose chase here and there by McLaren- the products are just that brilliant.

Everything from the McLaren MP4-12C to the McLaren P1 has nothing short of shaken up the segments they have debuted in and not just stirred. Every new production vehicle from McLaren seems to just obliterate the previous generation no matter where the previous generation sat, case in point, the McLaren 720S is definitely our pick over the McLaren P1 if we just look at useable performance. If you want to read a full review of McLaren 720S, click here.

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McLaren has been churning out vehicle after vehicle of car silhouettes that turn up in teenage boys ’ wet dream and rightfully so. The cars are blisteringly fast, have telepathic handling, lightning-quick transmissions, and a good enough exhaust note to make you constantly floor it- What else can you demand from an Italian exotic? If you ask McLaren, make it lighter and throw it on the track, please.

The McLaren 600 LT is the hardcore asphalt sniffing brother of the McLaren 570S that just wants to screw with the stopwatches by getting better every single lap. 2024 MY now is exclusively offered in the convertible body style and is powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that pushes out 592 horsepower-five hands…God Damn! The car only weighs 2749 lbs people, that is precisely why going from a dig to 60 you don’t even see the third-second roll up, making it quicker than the Porsche GT2 RS, and that is no small feat.

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The performance on offer is nothing short of sensational, which you would expect for a vehicle costing as much as the baby LT does. The 600 LT makes chump change of a track workout by having steering feel that we can just call telepathic, the car changes directions in an instant flick and grips for days. The 19-inch front and 20 inches rear staggered setup wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R fat rubber on the 600 LT is going to see you grip every apex albeit if you nail the turn in. It is not to say that 600 LT can only function in a civilized manner because the moment you manage to break the back end loose- Well all you are going to see is- NOTHING! Since you will be shredding tires left right and center and everything in your peripherals would be blurred.

The interiors on the 600 LT are exquisite themselves, with the right amount of sporty and luxurious touches. The cabin has a snug feel and some every upmarket material in the form of the desirable- Alcantara. The buyer can spec out the 600 LT with options such as heated front seats, power-adjustable steering column, and soft-close doors to make the 600 LT that bit more comfortable.

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Our favorite object inside the cabin has to be the flat bottomed steering wheel that is wrapped in Alcantara which is gorgeous to look at, perfect to grip and razor-sharp to maneuver. The 600 LT also comes with other standard features in the form of a power-retractable hardtop, rear fog lights, LED taillights, LED Headlights, Rain-sensing windshield wipers, heated power-folding side mirrors, keyless entry and push-button start, a backup camera and front, and rear parking sensors. The Dual Zone Climate Control and Audio system have both suffered the ax in order to bring down the weight on the 600LT but can be added back as a no-cost option.

If we were to properly evaluate, the McLaren lineup has started to overlap by quite a bit so segregating the vehicles distinctly is quite important. The 600 LT has therefore not been christened with active aero as well as cross-linked suspension which has been reserved for McLaren vehicles that would make you bleed out cash. If a buyer was cross-shopping between the 570S and 600 LT, then it would be quite prudent for them to know that the 600 LT does feature quite a lot of differences from the regular 570 S. The 600 LT has new camshafts and an upgraded engine control unit that helps bump out the power output by 30 hp.

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The suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires have all been through a strict diet resulting in a loss of over 30 kg. The track is wider, the suspension has been tuned differently and some suspension components have been borrowed from the 720S making the ride height lower. The fact that the 600 LT gains 74mm due to the extended aero on the car help the car get that bit of extra downforce to sprint and clip apexes like anything. All this while playing the tune of Gods from the top-mounted exhaust.

The McLaren 600 LT Spider is a machine that is going to take your breath away, quite literally! The car has extremely sorted dynamics for the track and can give cars that cost 5 times its price a run for their money on one. The fact that the 600 LT is so light and so fluid through a track does really instill tons of confidence in the driver even though it might just have been his or her first time behind the wheel.

Yes, the suspension setup might be too jarring for your everyday commute and the fact that you lose out on kit compared to the 570 S might just make you think why should you pay extra for less, it would certainly be getting in the driver seat of this masterpiece of a vehicle that would most certainly help you understand why sometimes less is more. MUCH MUCH MORE!