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7 Places You Never Thought About Putting a Dining Kitchen Set

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Dining kitchen sets are being released for spring and summer, and it is very tempting to get one even though you don’t need to redesign your current dining room. If your heart is really set on getting that adorable, beautiful, or stylish set, there are many places you can put them besides the dining room or kitchen.

One of the biggest advantages to having more than one dining set is that if you have a large dinner party or host big family gatherings, or if you want to start, you’ll be able to pull out additional tables and chairs as needed.

Here are some of the creative ways you can use dining tables throughout your home until you are ready to prepare for that feast.

In the bedroom

Did you ever think of putting a dining table in your bedroom? Probably not! But there are many ways you can use a small table and a couple of chairs. It can give you a place to do personal business like pay bills, work on your budget, or file taxes. It is also a good place for crafts, doing puzzles, or playing card games in a more intimate setting.

The dining set you get for this room should be a small table with fold out leaves or independent extension leaves. It will seat about 4 when fully erected, making it a good option for a small table of children or teens.

In the kids’ bedroom or playroom

Your kids can use tables and chairs in a million different ways, and you can get them in a kids’ size so that you can also use it as the children’s table during large feasts. In the meantime, the kids can use the table for arts and crafts, playing with blocks, doing homework, or playing card and board games.

In the Recreation room or man cave

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Every man cave or rec room can benefit from a dining set. The best dining set for this area of your home is the bar style dining sets. You can fit two or three 4-seat bar-style tables and stools in your recreation room, allowing you to serve 8 to 12 comfortably.

The size of your rec room or man cave is going to dictate what dining sets you can use as well. If you have hobbies that can benefit from a larger table, this might be a good addition to your man cave as well. You can get more ideas of how to incorporate these into your entertainment area with this 1stopbedrooms.com/dining/dining-sets dining kitchen set.

In the home office

If you want to get a set for the home office, choose a café style set. This surface comes in handy for large projects and spreading out away from your desk, but it can also be used for more intimate, less formal client meetings and visits with colleagues. It’s also a great place to sign contracts, sitting side by side as partners rather than separated by a desk.

In the laundry room

A picnic style set with dining benches instead of chairs is a great option for the laundry room. The benches can tuck under the table when not in use, eliminating the need to find places to store chairs that aren’t needed on a daily basis. The surface will come in handy for folding and sorting laundry. It can also be used with an ironing pad in place of an ironing board, or give you a place to sit and mend clothing and linens.

When it’s time to have a family gathering, it’s a simple matter to pull out the table and benches, seating anywhere from 3 to 6 on each side depending on the size of the table and whether you are seating adults or children.

In the screen room

If you have a screened in back porch, getting a set for that area is a great idea. You can enjoy moonlit dinners on clear nights, watch the sunset while you have afternoon tea in the fall, and have a sheltered dining area that puts you close to nature but in an area without the pests. These dining sets are great for barbeques and lazy dinners on a Sunday afternoon.


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If you have a pool you absolutely must have a dining set on your patio. Having a dining table poolside gives you the ability to have lunch or a snack easily without needing to go back inside. The tables can come in handy for many other reasons as well.

For poolside furniture you want to go with something that will not be affected by the elements, and that can be easily stored in times of heavy storms. Metal treated against corrosion is a good option. Resin wicker is lightweight and is extremely durable. If you want more natural materials, consider lightweight but durable bamboo or rattan wicker.

Key Takeaways

If you look hard enough, you can find all types of ways to incorporate spare tables, chairs, and benches throughout your home. While you are browsing online furniture stores to discover our options, look for dining sets that have collapsing or stackable chairs, or chairs and benches that can be used throughout your home.

If you can think of places in your home where you can use a table but not chairs or benches, there are other places in your home that you can use these items. Dining benches work well at your front entryway and mudroom or backdoor as a place to sit and take shoes off or put them on. These can also be pulled out and used for extra seating when entertaining but not dining.

Overall, there are no limits to how you can use the many different dining set designs and furnishings. Consider your own hobbies, those of your family, and other needs and activities that could benefit from dining tables and chairs.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be ready to throw even the largest gatherings for holidays, family events like anniversaries or milestone birthdays, and more.