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5 Best Sex Dolls Under $1000 in 2024

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The entertainment industry is rapidly developing and introducing a new and improved way to satisfy people in various aspects. With the latest improvements in technology, advanced materials, AI, and 3D printing, sex dolls became a very popular part of the industry as well. There is a wide range of dolls in various sizes, quality, and price. Also, you can choose one with a realistic design, and choose between genders, race, color, and many other features.

Besides the fact that buying a sex doll can provide lots of fun, there are also some benefits for people with disabilities or mental issues like anxiety, which makes it harder for them to have an active social life. Moreover, it represents a unique type of gift if you choose to surprise some of your friends with it. On the other hand, many people like sex dolls because of how realistic they appear. There is a wide selection of styles that make it easy for everyone to select one by its preferences. For example, you can select a model from some video game, movie, or a doll with attributes like skinny, curvy, and more. You can visit here if you prefer plus-size models, and choose some fat sex doll.

Main Features

When it comes to design, it depends on the price you are willing to pay for the doll. The more realistic it looks, the price will get higher. For example, high-end luxury sex dolls can cost over $10,000. However, you can get a decent one for a much lower price as well. Also, most manufacturers are using high-quality materials for this product, such as thermoplastic and silicone. While the thermoplastic provides you with much more natural experience, the silicone has higher quality and durability. Moreover, a full-size body doll can weight over 40 kilograms.

Furthermore, if you are not interested in spending a lot of money on this type of figure, there are many types of under $1000. However, you can’t expect that you will find a full-size and realistic one, but ones in this price range can also provide you with pleasure. Here are some of the best sex dolls for under$1000 in 2024.

Ds Doll

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The height of this model is 100cm, which means that she belongs to the category of mini sex dolls. Even though the price of Ds Doll is only around $900, she has a great design inspired by manga. Both face and body are incredibly beautiful, with cute eyes and a curvy body. Since it is small and light, it will get easy for you to position her in your preferred way, and have a great time. Ds Doll is one of the best models that you can find on the market for an affordable price.


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Joie is a model created in Japan, and she represents a small Geisha that is capable to provide the owner with a lot of pleasure. The price of this doll is $900, and the main focus of the manufacturer was on amazing design. While she maybe doesn’t have some characteristics like some similar models, especially when it comes to the ability to provide you with pleasure, the main advantage of Joie is design, which makes her perfect for people who are buying this type of sex toy for the first time.


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Mary is a perfect example of an affordable sex figure with a price that is less than 1000 dollars. Also, she is the most popular doll in this price range, and the main reason is that she has the best combination of features and abilities, similar to some much more expensive toys. The height of this doll is 100cm, which is great for positioning and allows you to try different things with her. The intercourse feels quite realistic, and you can use all three holes. Also, she is one of the most beautiful and realistic dolls in this price range.


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If you prefer cuteness over some other attributes, Aiko is a perfect model for you. Also, most people who love manga style from Japanese adult comic books would choose this one. While her beautiful face comes in the first place, she also has a great figure, but with slightly smaller curves when we compare her to some similar models from the same price range. Moreover, this doll is also perfect for people without previous experience with sex dolls.

Pipedream EFMS 2

If you don’t find it too important for a sex figure to have all body parts, and you are looking for the cheaper solution that will provide you with the same level of pleasure, you can choose Pipedream EFMS 2, which is figure consisted only of the torso. You can have a great time with this toy, especially if a lack of face and other parts does not disturb you. The price of this product is around $400.


Like all other industries, the sex industry is also developing rapidly, and these figures represent the latest innovation. Also, by introducing new and more advanced models, we expect that the prices will start falling in the future. Some luxurious dolls that cost over 10,000 dollars have an integrated chipset with AI technology, which provides the user with a more realistic experience, and it is moving closer to the same feel as you are with the real person.

When it comes to figures with the price under the 1000$, the main progress over the years is in materials and abilities to provide more pleasure. Also, we expect that some high-end dolls will become more affordable over time. Some companies went a step further, like the creator of Harmony sex robot, which is capable of memorizing your name, favorite food, and many other things. Also, she can react to your actions, which makes her the most realistic sex figure today. However, the price of this robot is over 150,000$. Another interesting fact about sex dolls is that there is a great rise in sales during 2024, and the main reason for that is quarantine.