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SF auto burglar swipes valuable bag from “Mythbusters” co-host

Someone stole a valuable designer bag from Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage in Downtown SF. (Courtesy Photo)

The co-host of the Discovery Channel TV program Mythbusters said Monday someone broke into his car in Downtown San Francisco and stole a distinctive and valuable designer bag.

“Car was robbed downtown on Saturday eve,” Adam Savage tweeted. “Stolen: my awesome Tom Sachs bag. The reward for its return.”

Savage posted on his Twitter page the bag carried “sentimental value” but said “nothing vital was in my bag. Some computer cables. A hard drive with noncritical video on it.”

He posted a photograph of the bag to the message depicting the missing bag, a limited edition item designed by Sachs and Nike as part of the aeronautically-inspired NikeCraft line.

The bag was manufactured with materials originated by NASA, including a Vectran lining, used on several Mars landing capsules.