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Best Stores to Buy Auto Parts in California – 2024 Guide

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California is a beautiful and attractive state that welcomes many people each year. There are many specific things we could say here. However, this time, we will only stick to one. It is not a secret that there are many passionate drivers in California. All of them would want to make their vehicle look unique and strong. Doing that without good auto parts is going to be impossible.

Many passionate drivers consider their vehicle members of a family. Even when they deal with a lack of money, they will always find a way to improve their car. More precisely, they will always find something to fix, improve, or change. These changes are sometimes necessary as well. You can’t expect your vehicle is going to work perfectly forever. Sooner or later, certain car parts are going to lose the quality they had before. That is the reason why you have to buy new ones and make your vehicle work perfectly.

There is always a quiet competition between car drivers. However, replacing auto parts is necessary for your security as well. Keep in mind that the not quality enough parts can result in different types of accidents. We believe there is no need to talk about negative things here. You understand alone why that is essential.

Yet, the auto part your purchase also needs to feature quality. That is the next problem you will have to deal with. There are many stores in California where you can purchase new or used car parts. Yet, not all of them are going to bring you the same quality you are expecting. Despite spending your money without any reason, you will also put yourself in a danger. Because of that, we want to help you avoid these things by analyzing the best stores to buy auto parts in California. The pieces of information you will gather are going to be valuable.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

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Believe it or not, this store exists for more than 50 years. Since 1957, the store managed to expand its business across the entire country. Currently, there are around 5000 stores in all parts of the United States. Every person has the chance to get a $20 gift card. That may not be a lot, but every discount counts.

Another reason why this store deserves your attention is the wide range of options. You will manage to find different accessories, tools, as well as auto parts. Despite that, the store offers certain services for free that can directly influence the quality of your vehicle. For instance, for wiper blade installation, engine lite testing as well as battery testing, you won’t have to spend a single penny.

Logically, in the 21st century, all the business strive to connect with customers online. Ordering car parts online is an available option as well. If your order has a value over $35, the shipping service is going to be free.


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Another store on our list that has a long tradition and history. The store started to work in 1979. Since then, they collaborate with a big number of drivers and satisfied their expectations. There are many reasons why AutoZone deserves your attention.

First of all, you can order any part in their store and get free delivery the next day. However, it is essential to know that each order needs to be more than $35. Despite that, a wide range of car replacement car parts is another reason why you should visit this place. You will find everything from remanufactured and new parts to different maintenance items and car accessories. Despite that, they offer a free service of checking your vehicle and identifying the problem.

Still, there is one service that most other auto part stores do not offer. You can choose a Loan-A-Tool option. That means you can get their tool and get it back when you don’t need it anymore. In that way, you can save a lot of money and complete the job. Only in Los Angeles, there are 4 stores, but you can find them in other parts of California as well.

Napa Auto Parts

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The store we are analyzing know forks for nearly 100 years. Believe it or not, it exists on the Californian market since 1925. We know that many people will check this fact once again. However, while you are doing that, we invite you to check the number of satisfied clients that purchased their auto parts there.

Despite auto parts, you will also manage to find different tools and equipment. They also work with items for a wide range of heavy-duty trucks. Because of that, if you are a driver of both types of vehicles, you can find everything you need in only one place.

There is another amazing piece of information that may look unrealistic to someone. Napa Auto Parts has more than 500 thousand auto parts to offer. You can find them in around 60 distribution centers across the entire country. Despite that, they also possess nearly 6000 stores and a big number of AutoCare collision centers across the United States. The only goal the workers and owners of the company have is to provide the customers with the right parts. At least, a big number of satisfied clients confirms something like that is correct.

You Can Purchase Used Car Parts As Well

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There are many reasons why used car parts deserve your attention. Indeed, they won’t provide you the same quality as the new ones. However, that doesn’t mean you should avoid them. They are cheap and a suitable replacement for those parts that are no longer functioning. You can check out websites like UsedPart.us to find the best place to find those car parts. More precisely, finding the best possible auto part store is the essential factor that determines the quality of the used car parts. If you purchase them in the wrong place, you won’t get the quality you are expecting. Despite that, you will potentially put yourself in danger if those parts suddenly stop working. We are sure that is something you would want to avoid.