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Signs You Need a Roof Restoration

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Many people often decide to remodel their roof, and some people choose to have restoration projects done. However, many people don’t want to, or necessarily don’t think they have the funds to do so, but believe it or not, spending the money on your roof may save your home altogether, yourself, and even your loved ones from numerous problems that can occur (mold damage, water damage, or even structural collapse). In this guide, we’re going to give you some signs that you may need a roof restoration done or at the worst case scenario, that you need to get your roof replaced.

Beware the Curl or Missing Shingles

You can easily walk a few feet from your home, or even access your roof depending on how safe it is to inspect it properly. If you notice that there are shingles that are curling up, cracked, or even missing, then that means that your shingles (and quite possibly your entire roof) are about to call it quits, and you should get the proper restoration, or even a roof replacement done soon.

Wet Shingles

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This means that your shingles are leaking, and even if they are not causing water to leak into your home, this can be very dangerous for your roof, and allowing other shingles to actually get moisture trapped under them. This can lead to things like mold growth, and even cause the wood under the shingles to rot, which is very dangerous. If you notice this, you want to call a roofing contractor right away and consider at the least a restoration.

Gutter Clutter

When you start finding a lot of shingle granules in your gutters, this means that your shingles are wearing out, and this can lead to the above problems. Shingles are meant to only last so long, and when they start to wear, the granules that protect your roof will start to deteriorate as the tar in them starts to lose its strength and consistency.

Interior Staining

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This means that even if your ceiling isn’t leaking and dripping, rain may be getting into your attic, or even to the interior wood. This allows moisture to actually leak into your home, and causes water damage which can cause numerous problems like dangerous mold and bacteria to grow. If you notice any of this, you should consider getting your roof redone, and more than likely replaced.

Energy Bill Increase

If by chance you notice that your energy bills start to go up more than usual, it could actually mean that your roof is starting to fade (if there are no other acceptable reasons). Your roofing needs to have the proper ventilation to keep your house both warm and cool, and if there is a spike in your energy bill, the ventilation can be causing this.


There are numerous other signs that you may want to get your roof fixed, like a roof that looks like it’s starting to sag, leaks that are actually happening in your home, and more. By keeping your roof current (many shingles and roof types are only meant to last about 20 years), you can increase the safety and even the integrity of your entire home, so if you notice any of these problems, you’ll want to consider contacting your local roofer as soon as possible.