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Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Summer Walks

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Water is life; it makes up between 50 to 60 percent of the human body.  However, its average percentage in an individual person depends upon their gender, age, and weight. To maintain your health and fitness, doctors recommend that you should drink at least eight glasses per day. While exercising, your body sweats profusely, and you risk being dehydrated as a result. Therefore, to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather, it is essential to frequently take water and other fluids containing electrolytes.

Depending on the duration of your walk, there are some essential guidelines to observe in the hot weather. Many fitness experts state that you should hydrate every 20 minutes or at the end of each mile. For walks of less than 2 hours, you are recommended to take both plain or flavored, depending on what you have with you. On the other hand, electrolyte-containing sports drinks are reserved for lengthy walks that last more than 2 hours.

Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated During Exercise

To avoid dehydration which may result in extreme fatigue during a workout, here are some tips;

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Carry Your Water Bottle with You

Even if you drink enough before leaving your house, you should bring your water bottle along during hot-weather walks. Doing this allows you to quench your thirst while walking, helping you to maintain proper hydration.

Begin When You Are Well Hydrated

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Never walk in hot weather when you are thirsty. Ensure that you take sufficient water to satisfy your thirst for a significant part of your walk. Nonetheless, this should be 30 minutes before the walk to ensure absorption from the intestines into the bloodstream.

Flavor Your Water and Avoid Caffeine

Plain water can be a bit boring to drink. So, to encourage yourself to drink more fluids during hot weather walks, carry something more palatable such as fruit-infused water. Flavors have a much more appealing taste, which will make you want to drink more.

According to doctors, you are advised to avoid caffeinated drinks before walking. Drinks with caffeine accelerate the rate at which your body loses fluids, leaving you feeling thirstier and dehydrated.

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Signs of Dehydration

Knowing the signs and symptoms of dehydration will help you avoid any adverse effects. According to studies, here are the significant symptoms of dehydration;

  • Extreme thirst.
  • Dark yellow urine or no urine.
  • General bodily fatigue
  • Dizziness and body weakness
  • Dry skin, eyes, and mouth

Benefits of Hydrating

Apart from quenching your thirst and improving your performance, here are other benefits of hydrating frequently;

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It Lubricates Your Joints

Cartilage found in bones and discs of the spine contains 80 percent water. During long walks, this cartilage becomes dehydrated, hence reducing its efficiency. This may result in severe pain. Taking Water ensures that the cartilage maintains its shock-absorbing abilities.

Regulates Your Body Temperature and Keeps Your Skin Health and Beautiful

Staying hydrated helps your body to cool down through sweating. Cooling down your body prevents burning out.

Dehydration makes your skin dry and vulnerable to premature wrinkles. Drinking water aerates your skin, making it soft and smooth.